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The Book of Revelation has been the source of much vain debate & strife for many years, despite Jesus’ words that no one knows the day or the hour.

After I avoided deep study and conversation of the End Times with others, the Lord took me on a journey that would bring me into a simple understanding of the Seal of God and the Mark of The Beast.

You will not find attempts to predict the specifics of the literal and the figurative things mentioned in Revelation, but in a conversational manner, you will be presented the opportunity to look into yourself and see if you are open to be deceived by Satan.

We are told to use wisdom when it comes to calculating the number of the beast, and oftentimes God’s wisdom is right under our noses.

A book that points to Christ’s return, Revelation is a simple guide to preparing yourself for that great day when Jesus comes to take His people home.

The Weekly Reading Guide for Revelation can be downloaded here for free.

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