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Strife – When the Father put that Word on my heart, it was to prepare me to confront myself, because the price of that sin was going to be more costly than I could afford.. That is how loving and patient God is, because it is His kindness that leads us to repentance. He chose to prepare me for the journey that we were getting ready to go down.


Being made the righteousness of God in Christ is an awesome thing. There is a freedom in the truth that sin doesn’t have you held back from being able to grow into a closer walk with God.


The Father in Heaven wants to see His children grow up in Spiritual Maturity, so that they are able to overcome the natural cares of life like health, prosperity and peace. Just like growing up naturally doesn’t happen overnight, growing the Spirit Man takes a process of time as we learn to move through the seasons of our life.


Spiritual growth does not come through some kind of cosmic handout, but it comes through the active pursuit of avoiding strife and living the blameless life.


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