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April 25th, 2014

We Need to Get Back To Our First Love…

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Written by: Gene

I don’t do this often, but this is my response to an article I read.

It seems that we have lost two things in the Body of Christ. The first thing is the “Final Authority of the Word of God”, and the second being that we have lost having a “Fear of The Lord.”

This Slippery Slope concept is the proof of that.

We should not have the guiding moral compass of our life be “will I get caught” or “is the punishment something I can handle.”

Forget this slippery slope thing, and just say, “If God says it is good, then it is good.If He says it is bad, then it is bad.” God’s Word should be the final authority in all instances, and It should be our moral guide.

We have allowed culture, political correctness, and the media to replace the Word of God. The reason we have done this, is because we fear man more than we fear God. (I am using the word “we” when my mind thinks of the Body of Christ…)

That leads me to the Fear of The Lord. To fear God, is not to be afraid of the punishment that He will put on us if we do wrong (the prices of sin are not always evident anyway, and the slippery sloop is not always clear). The true definition of “The Fear of The Lord” is the wholesome dread of doing anything to quench the Spirit of God, or to cause the world to blaspheme God.

We don’t Fear God or acknowledge Him for who He is. I cringe when I watch a movie that uses His name in vain, but I cringe more when I see believers say “OMG” when they see another do something that they deem as stupid or worthless.

If we are going to be effective as the Body of Christ in bringing in God’s End Time Harvest, we need to get back to God’s Word and we need to consider our every steps as we keep ourselves in check with the Holy Spirit.

This will be hard to do when our services edge out the Holy Spirit so that we can fit into a more “friendly worship experience.”

To push aside the Holy Spirit is to welcome in carnality, and to set aside scripture is to entertain lies.

Father God, I ask that You forgive us for not worshiping You for Who You are.

Jesus, I ask that You forgive us for devaluing Your Blood by not calling sin “sin” when we see it.

Holy Spirit, I ask You forgive us for quenching You attempts to move us closer to the Will of God and the saving power of His Son, Jesus Christ.

You harvest is great, but Your laborers are few… Send Me

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