April 1st, 2010

The Handicapped Us

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Written by: Gene

My middle was born with Spina Bifida attacking her, and I have to remind myself that everyone else in the world is just as ignorant as I was 5 min before she was born.

The world in an attempt to adapt itself to a “disabled/handicapped” person has frustrated itself and the people it tries to adapt to.

I think the main reason is that life can be frustrating. It is easy to “try” to change others to our way rather than adapt ourselves to the ways of others. The problem is that we can’t change (educate) others because they have their own issues to deal with.

Misty will be 17 tomorrow, and I am at another stage in her life. She will be taking her GED this summer so that she can start to focus on taking care of herself.

I can’t go on a campaign to make the world ready for her, but I have to focus on making her ready for the world. I tell her that there are people who have no clue about Spina Bifida (note I am making no attempt to explain it, or the opportunities it brings) and that she needs to get herself ready.

They won’t respond or understand the way that they should because they are just as handicapped. What has made them handicapped is their ignorance of what Spina Bifida is.

I guess it means that we all are in the same frustrating boat called “life”, and it is up to us to understand others rather than expect them to understand ourselves. We are all “handicapped” by something.

If we look at the example of the Lord Jesus, we see that we are to love others enough to help them as much as they will allow and meet them where they are. Jesus never tried to make us perfect first before accepting us, but we were made perfect in Him because He loves us.

I think it is cool that even though we all have our issues Jesus sees us as perfect, just like I see Misty as perfect.

I think it is awesome that Jesus reaches down to help us, just like I help Misty

I think it is sad when we refuse Jesus help, just like the times Misty refused mine.

And it breaks my heart when we suffer because of our unwillingness to change ourselves, and expect others to change for us.

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