January 31st, 2014

5 Days, 104 Degrees, Praise & Worship, Sleep, and Jesus Blood

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Written by: Gene

It all started last Monday when I was nauseated. I had eaten some fast-food fried chicken a couple days before and had been suffering from it.

When we went to bed, I don’t remember much of anything. I remember hearing praise and worship, going to use the restroom quite a lot for one evening, having a tough time breathing, Mary taking my temperature, she asked me questions and I would reply “I don’t know.”

Thursday, I woke up. Mary told me that I had a fever of 104 and the whites of my eyes were red. She said that she prayed for me and let me sleep. She used all of our Internet quota for a month and ate junk food.

That day, Mary had cabin fever, and went run errands while I sat on the sofa. I was trying to remember what I just experienced, and I just couldn’t get comfortable. I know that whatever that thing was, it tried to kill me, but the prayers of my wife stepped in and raised the standard that I was unable to do for myself. She knows I don’t do doctors, but The Great Physician is always at my house. She played Praise and Worship so that the Holy Spirit would have a place to join us.

Last night I went to bed and started sweating. I had been thanking Jesus for what He had done for me. I love the idea of what His blood did for me on the cross. My doctor’s bill and the meds were free. Even when I couldn’t take the meds myself, they were ministered through the music that was being played.

I must have sweated gallons of water, but I had the presence of mind to realize that this minor discomfort was really good news. When I woke up this morning I was ready to eat something and when I weighed myself, I had lost 7.5 pounds. I looked into the mirror and looked like a lion, and after a nice long soak in the tub I started feeling human again.

It is attacks like these that make me grateful for the times that I spend with my Lord Jesus. I am not in the habit of being sick (last time was like 5 years ago,) but I am in the habit of standing on the Word of God. I do not want to sound like I am bragging on me or Mary, but I am bragging on Jesus and His use of us, to get us through this attack.

Through the fever, achiness, freaky dreams, nausea, sweats, breathing issues, temperature swings, and confusion all I can do is give glory to God for giving me a praying wife that made a place for the Holy Spirit to come in and work a miracle.

Father, you saw the extent of healing that we would all need.
Jesus, you were willing to die for us to have that healing.
Holy Spirit, You minister the healing to all who would ask for it in Jesus’ name.

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