January 21st, 2014

Where’s Geneo?

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Written by: Gene

Lately I have been preparing myself for the next phase of the ministry that The Lord has for me. As I have been drawing closer to Him, my perceptions about what is important have been changing. It is as if things that I used to place a high value on, no longer take center stage. The Holy Spirit has been showing me so many things, and I know that the devil would love to bring in confusion.

While I find it amazing that fellow “christians” have been used by the tempter to tell me to put aside my christianity and stop using so much scripture, I am not surprised. The biggest buffeter (2 Corinthians 12:7) has come from within the Church, and from people who have the right motives but the wrong leadings.

In Matthew 16:23 Mark 8:33 and Luke 4:8 Jesus had to speak to the devil’s use of Peter. Jesus loved Peter and wasn’t speaking to him, but was addressing the demonic influences behind what Peter was saying. This is the same Peter that spoke from the leading of the Father in Matthew 16:17.

There are times that we are used by the Holy Spirit and times that we will be used by Satan if we are not careful. The determining factor of who we follow, is the level of importance we place on the Word of God and the leadings of the Holy Spirit. The closer you draw to Jesus and the more you embrace His Words, the more you will hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. When you set those things aside, you open the doors for the devil to trick and use you.

It seems to me that the Church has been stepping away from the Word and setting aside its Christianity so that it will be “excepted and received” by the world. What has happened, is that the door has been opened for Satan to speak through the Church. We are in such a bad place…

I made the choice to separate myself from certain things that have been getting in my way, and there have been some that have removed themselves from me as well. The separations hurt, but I must move forward. I cannot allow myself to be distracted by the cares of the world, and I choose to follow Christ.

Peter made the same choice, and in Mark 10:28 and Luke 18:28 he reminded Jesus of that. I can’t imagine all that he had left to follow Jesus, but I am sure that there were times that the emotions were bittersweet. The left behind loved ones, the security of a real job, the protection of a house and warm bed, and being receive as “just like everyone else” must have at times seemed really tempting.

But Peter and I both agree, that to follow Jesus has more greater rewards than anything this world has to offer.

This leads me to the question, “Where’s Geneo?”

I have scaled back and been living on less. We sold stuff and payed off debt. We have been getting off the grid and learning to be dependent on Jesus in more ways than ever before.
Technically, Mary and I are homeless living in a camper full time. We have moved where not many people were willing to go, and are building a ministry to reach those that the church is either unwilling or unable to go reach.

My call has been given from Luke 14:23 and we are going into the Highways and Hedges to draw those who society has forgotten, to the Table of The Lord.

I found it interesting how much society is against the homeless and downtrodden. They say that they have programs to help, but society’s heart is so far from them. These are those who we are striving to reach, and this is the direction that we are heading.

I ask that you please keep us in your prayers, and I will release more information as I am lead to do so.

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