January 6th, 2010

The Plan, The Purpose and The Power

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Written by: Gene

It has been over a year since Mary and I took over the Children’s Ministry at The Living Glory Church.

We started the ministry before we were married. It wasn’t a problem because when we first knew that the Father was putting us together, it was a done deal in both of our hearts.

We have had our ups and downs, and more than our share of attacks, but I am happy with where we are.

As I look back on the things that we have had to face as Children’s Ministers, I am glad that we stood strong. We have had people try to make us feel that we were not good enough to be “ministers”, but when God calls, He makes you “good enough”. We have had people try to tell us where to sew the seed into our ministry, but we refused to be people pleasers and planted only where the Lord told us to plant. We have had people try to make us believe that Children’s Church was not as good as the “Main” Service and therefore second to the “Adult” Service, but let me tell you that “where two or more are gathered in His Name…” He is there and where God is, it is the Main Service.

We have had volunteers that have been faithful, and have been blessed with that certain thing necessary to attract kids. All that we do is not for the comfort of adults, but it is for the salvation and instruction of the kids in our care.

As I look back on the things that we have had to face as a newly married couple, I am glad that we were able to remember that it was our Lord that put us together, and that He put us together for a specific purpose. We have had so many try to come between us and tear us apart (I have recently had a man tell me that he has business with Mary and I needed to butt out), but we have refocused and have promised each other that we will stay focused on that which we were put together to do.

We cannot allow anyone or anything to come between us. Whether it be money, family, jobs, time or ministry, we have to stay focused on our Lord and that He was the one who put us together. Those that say they love us will respect that, and never ever try to tear us apart for their own selfishness. Those that can’t accept it will be cut off.

I am her husband and she is my wife, I belong to her and she belongs to me. All of this falls under the Grace of Father God as we both belong to Him. We belong to God both as individuals and as a couple. In the instance of the man that told me to butt out, he is gone (we don’t need anything from him because Father God meets our needs).

Even our kids have had to understand that yes they are our kids, but times have changed and they have to adjust to it. My kids have been told that if they love me, they will love my wife and respect her. Mary’s kids have to realize that their mom is now my concern, and if they love her they will respect that she is a grown woman who deserves to be happy.

After all this is said, Yes, we do walk in love towards others (we wrestle not against flesh and blood), but when you choose to be used by evil to tear us apart you will suffer that price (that which God has joined together, let no man tear apart). We are sorry that you open the door to be hurt by Satan, but we can’t be distracted by your issues…

It may sound cold, but it is a simple principal. We can’t change you, only you can change you. It is fruitless for us to try to change you, so we will move on. Nothing personal, but Mary and I need to stay focused on what we are called to do. We cannot be people pleasers and peace keepers.

Are we perfect? Nope not of our own, but God’s grace has placed us here.

Because we have done this, we have been blessed. I am watching my baby enter the GZ Kids names into our new Church Membership Software. The software was free for churches up to 100 members, but God has blessed us with over 160 kids on our member role so we had to upgrade it.

We have about 25 kids a week average, but we consider about 60 as regular attenders. We have had only 8 services last year where we did not have a guest visiting our service.

Since we took over the department, we have had about 4 families start coming to church because their child was first invited. All this tells me that we are blessed!

Thank you Father God for the plan, thank you Jesus for the purpose, and thank you Holy Spirit for the power.

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