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November 4th, 2013

No Greener Grass Here

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Written by: Gene

It is sad when two people are to stubborn, selfish or prideful to forgive each other, repent and move on to do the right thing.

Everyone can see them walking hand in hand to their own destruction, all the while refusing to look each other in the eyes to see how much they are hurting without each other.

They tell themselves that it will be better, and that God will get them through it. They think that the grass is greener on the other side, as they tear themselves up emotionally with alliances with those that care less about them than the one they despise.

If you have been divorced, you know what I mean.

It takes years of total submission to God to heal from divorce, and if you don’t allow yourself a long time to heal, every relationship you get into will be forever tainted.

If both parties are trusting God to get through divorce, then take my advice and trust Him to heal your marriage.

If you are standing alone with God, then take a strong hold of His hand and follow Him to safety.

The road of divorce is paved with things and people promising love, peace and acceptance, but it is all lies. People will lie to you to please themselves, and you will lie to yourself… Trust me in this.

Divorce will change you, and you will not recognize yourself in the mirror. You will see things about yourself that you won’t like.

Fighting together for your marriage will change you as well, but you will come out stronger.

It hurts to be told that you are not worth fighting for, so don’t tell anyone that in your words or actions.

Jesus fought for you, died for you, and won freedom from sin for you. You and your spouse are worth it, so let Jesus heal you.

If you find yourself walking alone and your spouse doesn’t want to be healed, forgive them. Shut up, let them go, and give them over to the Holy Spirit. Then turn your eyes towards Jesus, and let Him heal you.

You need Jesus either way, and you need to forgive just like He forgave you.

Not sure who this is for, but I am led to post it.

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