September 26th, 2013

God’s Health Care Plan

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Written by: Gene

Ok… little testimony time…

Last night right before I went to bed, I could feel my nose starting to plug a bit.

As I was going to bed, I reminded my nose that it was required to obey the Word of God that said I was healed and healthy. I also told that liar Satan to keep his hands off of my body and nose and sinuses.

We went to bed, and my nose started to feel like it was running. I remindedit that it was required to obey God’s Word…

As I was starting to doze, it felt like the left side of my sinuses popped and started to run quite a bit, so I went to the restroom and blew my nose.

I reminded my nose that it was required to obey God’s Word, and that God’s Word said that I was healed and healthy. I also gave that devil his marching orders.

As I lay down, my sinus started to dry, and I slept great.

It doesn’t matter how I feel… God said that I am healed and healthy, and I believe Him more than I believe my own body.

When that devil tries to trick me into believing anything other than what God said (like he did in the Garden of Eden), I tell that devil where to get off through God’s Word.

It isn’t about me, but it is all about the truth of God’s Word and the power of speaking it daily.

Let me tell you this one thing… Obama don’t care near as much as God cares. Jesus was willing to die for your Health Care Plan (both eternal and on this Earth), and His premiums are quite affordable.

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