September 30th, 2009

Misty And The Truth That Surrounds Her

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Written by: Gene

I find it hard to believe that an Abscess on Misty’s leg could be the cause on all this. There seems to more than one, but one popped and about a quarter cup of puss leaked out of it. One was twice the size of a walnut, and others are marble sized. She is on antibiotics for that.

It seems that this started a while back, and her body became weak dealing with it (because she doesn’t feel down there, she had no idea that she should be in some kind of horrible pain). As her body was weakened from that, she started to have trouble breathing, and the flu hit her. When the flu was being dealt with the doctors thought that she had pneumonia, but it was really that her kidney shut down.

Now Misty is being treated like someone with kidney disease, and will have to change her diet to deal with a weakened kidney. They were able to find blood work that was done way back when she burned her leg and infection had gotten in her bone and noticed that her kidney was at 30% in Feb 2008, but now it dropped to half that.

She is having a doctor come in today to see about having the Abscess (plural) lanced out, because the antibiotics that they would normally give, will hurt her kidney.

We have no idea when she will be able to come home, and that is frustrating for all of us. She has been in a Hospital just under 10 days, and is now at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans.

She is doing good, but she got really ticked (so bad that she didn’t want to talk to me on the phone) yesterday about all this, and just wants to come home.

I know that the devil is a liar, and he has no power to trap, hurt or kill my daughter. When Jesus died on the cross, He paid for every hurt that we have whether spiritual, mental or physical. When we call out to Him, His answer is yes because not one drop of His blood will be wasted.

It seems that we have been the devil’s focus these last couple weeks even to the point that people have lied about us and attacked us. I refuse to let all this junk stop me from trusting in the one true God, and I refuse to allow these events to make me call the truths of my Father God a lie. Jesus invested way too much in me, for me to blame Him for what the devil is doing.

We all appreciate your prayers and concerns for Misty, and I will keep you all posted.

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