February 24th, 2013

The Big Disaster Is…

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Written by: Gene

Lately, Mary and I have been watching nothing but disaster movies on Netflix. I guess it is because that was the one genre that we had left on the playlist to watch, and had seen every Top Gear episode at least 10 times.

The thing about disaster movies, is that the plot is all the same for each one.

You have a looming threat that only our hero can see. They have done all the calculations and have noticed the subtle negative effects. They have written papers on the threat and even held public lectures to warn others. Usually our hero has been relegated to some far away obscure location, until some “top government brass” come begging our hero to come out and save them.

They accept that the hero has been right in the past, but they still perceive him to be a loose cannon because the hero goes against what they understand to be true. The top brass will tend to fight our hero in every thing they do, but ultimately our hero is given the authority to do what needs to be done. It is shown that it was the “top brass” people were the idiots, but their one redeeming virtue is that they  finally acknowledge that the hero was right.

And the disaster is adverted with a nuclear bomb, that somehow turns back the effects of global warming, and we enter a new phase of human enlightenment while we rebuild. The End

What I wonder is this… Isn’t this plot scenario in fact a secular substitute for replacing Jesus with something more “spectacular?”

Look at the identical plot comparison.

We have a looming threat, and that is sin. Jesus saw the threat while everyone said that He was being a downer on their fun. Jesus saw the effects of that sin on mankind, and He even wrote a book of papers called “Scripture.” Jesus has even held lectures through His Ministers, but people sat uninterested. The world has regulated Jesus to some obscure place, where He is waiting for those very people to call out to Him.

The world thinks that it is smart. As Jesus’ Words are showing the way, the world says that it isn’t “mainstream thought,” and it fights against God. The world sees that Jesus might have been good in the past, but He is not relevant today. After all, there wasn’t microwave popcorn back then…

But, as in all disaster movies, our Hero will ultimately have His way, and He has given “Authority” to those who trust Him to do what needs to be done. The smarts of the world, and being proven to be foolish more and more each day, and the ways of God are proven to be the most Holy ways.

This disaster, can only be everted by a blast of the glory of God (which is brighter that any nuclear bomb), and the effects of sin leading people to hell (which is hotter than global warming) being done away with. It is not until people repent from that sin, and our Hero can finish His job, will we have the chance to live that “new Life” that we all desire.

This world is on it’s death-bed, the signs are out there, but it isn’t from global warming. It is because of the pains of sin in the world. Sin brings death to everything.

The sad thing is that the world is trying to pretend that sin doesn’t exist, by covering it up, or by making laws that try to make nothing a sin. Sin needs to be exposed for what it is, and that is that sin is a killer.

Jesus is our Hero, and we need to stop pretending to be “top brass.” It is time to follow Him, because what you are really looking for in your world, is a new beginning.

The choice is yours.


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