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February 12th, 2013

Reading Revelation

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Written by: Gene

The Lord has been dealing with me about reading The Book of Revelation, and I have been avoiding it.

It seemed that Revelation is a Book that people like to argue about, and I didn’t want to get into that.

Lately, I sense the urgent need to know what God says on this subject. I just wasn’t sure what to do or where to start.

Well today I woke up and had the plan that He wanted me to start, and I mapped it out. In fact I mapped it out to the point that I ended up with a study guide.

The Holy Spirit showed me what He wanted me to read, when I was to read it, and reminded me of the attitude that I had to maintain while I read it.

He gave me 4 S’s (He knows we minister types just love things like this), and they are Signs, Strife, Sight and Supply. I am to read through Revelation every week (first thing in the morning), and at night read Matthew 6 and Psalms 91. Oh and of course, His Word is to be read out loud. He will tell me when to start on the next phase, so don’t look for an end.

Sounds easy…

I know that all he asks, is for me to step out and trust Him, and I am excited about the journey that I am beginning. I am praying for illumination of God’s Word from the Holy Spirit.

If you would like to join me, I have put the reading guide here:


I also have the evening reading here:


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