January 26th, 2013

Unto You, Jesus

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Written by: Gene

Last night I watched a documentary called “Off The Grid: Life On The Mesa”

I saw runaway teens, broken families, college grads, ex-professionals, and war vets. All of them wanting freedom, and to be left alone to sort “life” out.

What I saw, was a mission field…

Towards the end of the depression, the ad below came out (1937). It was a chance for people to have a home.

Some would say that it is inhumane to live that way, but the homeless didn’t live that good. 

I see people on the side of the road with cardboard signs, and I pray for myself. I don’t want to be cynical towards them, and question their motive or how they got there.

I want to take the attitude that, when I have done it to the least of these, I have done it to Jesus.

Whether good or bad…
Whether thought or action…
Whether purposely or passively…
It is done to You, Jesus.

Lord, thank you for blessing me abundantly, but help me to not be self serving… help me to be a blessing to others.

Help me Lord, to see others through Your eyes, and possibly to feel the same for them that You do.

Remind me Lord, (daily, hourly, every moment), that “it” isn’t about me. “it”… “life”… is about people being restored to You.

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