January 4th, 2013

Babies In Eternity

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Written by: Gene
We are all babied in the light of Eternity.

In the past 9 months or so, my eyes have been open to certain things. It is as if God has been preparing me for certain events that are coming.

I have seen things come to pass, and have wrestled with them in my mind. I have had to renew my mind daily, and remind myself that it isn’t the storm that I need to focus on, but it is the one who is the life saver. I need to focus on the one who is my provider, protector, and peace bringer.

I know there are bad things coming, and I even know what kind of things some of them are. There are a things that God has not allowed me to see. As I have noticed things through prayer, Satan has tried to hinder me.

I (and this is the last time I will use the word “I”) say all this not to brag, but to release the burden to God Almighty.

The Father in Heaven has a plan, and He “even knows the plans that He has for us.” He has not abandoned us, to try to figure things out, but He wants an active relationship with us as individuals.

In the grand light of Eternity compared to God, the most awesome and holy of us, is still as a new born baby. To think that any of us has arrived to comprehend the eternal greatness of God, is childish foolishness. To think that God has abandoned us to figure it all out on our own, is to believe that He is a neglectful Dad, and is silly and presumptuous.

That is the very reason that the Father sent His Son, Jesus.

Jesus, is the way, because He is, the way. It isn’t a matter of Him being prideful. It is about the fact that, as new born babies in the light of eternity, we are unable to even clean the poo off of our own butt by ourselves.

Jesus came to do just that. We smeared the crap of sin all over ourselves trying to clean ourselves, and He wants to help us.

Jesus left the pristine cleanliness of Heaven, and came down to keep us clean. He used the ointment of the Holy Spirit to keep us from getting chapped, and a new diaper of Grace, Mercy and Love, so that we will be presentable to others and before God.

It is really a simple concept for anyone who has had kids. As the eternal Adult in our life, He was able to clean us, and then rise to clean Himself. For the rest of our lives, the Blood of Jesus continues to keep us clean. Why? Because we are still as newborn babies in the light of Eternity. We will stay that way even until we grow old and die in this lifetime.

Like a parent working to provide a home for their kids, Jesus went to make a place for us to rest. He sent us to this babysitter called the Holy Spirit to us. The Holy Spirit is the mind of God, sent to teach us to have the mind of God. We were not left alone to raise ourselves, and figure things out. We have been given His Love Letters (The Bible) and the Holy Spirit to help us grow up.

The Holy Spirit is a teacher, comforter and guide. He is not an “it”, but a person sent to show us how to read God’s Word so that we too, can have the mind of God.

We must listen to the Holy Spirit, and obey Him. We must never try to do His job, or be the parent to others, but we are to just refer to the Words of Daddy and do them.

The Holy Spirit’s job is to point us to Jesus, as Jesus leads the way. Because we are wishy washy and get distracted, and are the unlearned babies who think that we are capable of going out alone when Daddy says “no”, we can only blame ourselves when there is poo in our diaper.

Can you imagine a baby blaming their parent for the crap in their diaper? No, the baby needs to go and confess to the parent, “I pooed…” It is a bad baby that refuses to admit to the mess they made, and run away with a dripping oozing diaper.

When we have gone out wandering off (like babies do), and are attacked by our daddy’s enemy or fall because we are still learning to walk, we need come running and calling out to Him. For some reason as we get “older and enlightened”, we are duped into blaming our Father for the attacks.

We think that we don’t need God in “this specific area”, because “I got it, I got it Daddy, I do it”. The word “I” when used separate from God, is deadly, and when it is used in submission to God, brings life. That is why maturity is not measured by knowledge, but by wisdom, and wisdom is how you used the knowledge you have. Forest Gump was wise, because he lived by the little knowledge that his “momma told” him.

We are still babies in the light of Eternity.
We still poop on ourselves.
We think we understand what we see, but we can barely see past our hands.
We run to the Father when bad happens, and ignore Him when we want to do our own thing.
We can’t even roll over, but we think we can drive the family sedan.
We discover our voice, talk like we know, but we end up just making noise.
We think we can figure it out through discovery, but we need the Hubble just to see the edge of our playpen.
We think we are doing what Daddy told us to do, when we are fussing at our siblings for not doing what Daddy told us to do.

Jesus is coming to bring us home soon, and until then we need to stick close to and listen to the Holy Spirit. He will keep us safe from that child molester, Satan.

You can’t figure it out, because you are still a baby. But when you accept the plan of the Father through the blood of His Son Jesus, you become God’s Baby. He takes care of His children, that you can be certain.

I can tell you from personal experience, it is awesome to be a child of God. I have nothing to fear, when I am walking in my Father’s footsteps.

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