September 7th, 2009

Seeds and Weeds

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Written by: Gene

It is said that you will reap what you sew, and I agree whole heartedly.

What a person needs to do is seek the Holy Spirit to know what seeds you should plant. No person should be allowed to tell you how, when and where to plant seeds. The Devil should not be allowed to cause you to stumble through a harvest that God never desired for you to have.

The Father said that He would give you the desires of your heart, and way too many people mistakenly think that God is the Candy Man and will give you whatever want. What it does mean, is that God will make your desires match His desires, and because He knows what is best for you, you will be able to have things that you never could have imagined having on your own.

Mary and I were asked back in October 2008, to become the Children’s Ministers at our church. This happened way before we were married, but we knew that the Father was setting us up in ministry. We were not even surprised, because the Lord had already been giving us a vision and direction for where the children’s department needed to go.


I remember asking our pastor… “There are going to be some things that we will want to do that might not make any sense to you, and what I want to know is will you trust us?… When I take this on, I will want to take it all the way in excellence.”

I knew that if we were going to do this, we didn’t want to have to struggle to have the support of our pastor.  I am happy to announce that we have been supported by our pastors.

It is a shame when a church does things to cause their children to be second class citizens. They should be shown that they are important and cared for. Children’s church needs to reflect the excellence of the “adult service” in every way, and the adults should make available every resource to their kids. Resources should include time as well as money, and everything in between.

Our pastors have allowed us to claim a room as our own, even though it is used by adults at times. Adults don’t need to have their own sign up, but the kids appreciate it being there “just for them”. They have given us a top notch lighting, projection and sound system that reflects the quality that the adults have. I am happy with the budget that we have, and we have nothing lacking.

What Mary and I have come to realize is that we need to have thick skins while doing this. Over the last few days we have come across people in the church, who have never once stepped in to help us, but have felt the need to tell us how to do things. We have even had someone tell us how we needed “to plant seeds into our ministry”.

If there is one thing I know, is that when the Holy Spirit puts something on your heart that needs to be done, you do it. You never try to push, manipulate or judge someone into doing what you are called to do. All the while we were seeing what needed to be done in the children’s department, we never went up to the people who were currently dong it and make them do it “our way”. We sat on the vision until the door opened, and the Lord said “Enter In!”

We have to stand our ground and take the direction that we are told to go, and it is the Holy Spirit that tells us to go there. That is simple… right?

Another thing that we have been dealing with is those that do not take what we do seriously. Yes, have fun with it, but do not make a mockery of it. We make rules so that there is order in our service, not because we hate your child. We care enough about every one of our kids that we make sure they have a safe and fun experience. There is nothing worse about being a children’s minister than a parent who thinks “their little angel” is better than all “those other misbehaved kids in that room”.

I mean, come on now… we have ushers in a church to keep the adults from throwing selfish tantrums in their service… Why do you expect that our children don’t need to be ushered out on occasion? It is called “…descent and in order…”

What I love about the kids, is that they haven’t learned to hold on to petty grudges like the adults do.

Back to seeds…

Mary and I have been planting a lot of seeds into the ministry that God has given us. From hours of building and decorating the sanctuary, months of lesson planning, writing books, and even the newest… a Plinko Board


We cannot allow petty distractions to get us off course.

No, it might not make sense to you, nor seem as important to you as a clean floor, but it isn’t for you. You might not think it is important, but the kids sure do.

Yes we walk in love, above all we walk in love. We want the kids to grow up knowing Jesus, and we love them. We will do this until the Father moves us…

Thank you Father God for the ministry that you have set us up in. Thank you for paving the way, and blessing us. Help us to stay the course and walk the walk of love. Thank you for favor and help that works with the vision.

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