June 10th, 2012

If You Only Knew…

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Written by: Gene

My Lord, my God, I do trust You.
You are not the bringer of the bad, but you make it all good.
When the world has fallen apart, You are the one firm constant.
When all others have abandoned me, You are the faithful one.
Where there is pain, You bring healing.
Where there is death, You bring life.
When there are lies, You reveal truth.
When I am surrounded by hate, You hug me with love.
When I am lost, You bring me home.

I am nothing without You, my God.

I need You, now.

You are the way maker, dream revealer, path finder, guiding light, life preserver… You are the “go-to God.”

All that is around me, will never get the focus that I have for you. I make this choice to keep my eyes on You, Lord, for you are The One.

When I asked where are You? You said, “here”
When I pondered if You love me, You died.
When I questioned Your faithfulness, your simple reply was, “I Am”

Thank You Jesus
If the whole world only knew, that You loved them too.

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A husband to an awesome wife, father to 3 beautiful girls, step-father to a beautiful girl and smart son. Preacher, Designer and best of all a Servant to a loving and gracious God.

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