September 2nd, 2009

Oh Happy Day!!!

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Written by: Gene

After much travail, I have finally delivered my new baby!!!

Well, in fair respects to those ladies out there who have actually given birth, this is nowhere near that.

I have worked on this book for a season, and edited it for another. I spent many hours on concept and design. Many thanks go out to Ryan Simmons for his cartoon resources at Cartoon Solutions.

It felt good to be able to send it off to the printers, but after all that, it feels even better to hold my baby in my arms.

My 3rd book is finally in!!!

My 3rd book is finally in!!!

In GZ Kids (my Children’s Church Group), we have been learning about the Gifts of The Spirit.

Like most thing about Faith, we adults tend to over complicate that which God has made simple. I found myself trudging through the lessons, and fighting Satan’s distractions. As I ended the quarter, it became apparent that I needed to get something into the hands of the kids that would boil down man’s fluff, and leave the simplistic truth of the gifts that the Father in Heaven bestows upon us.

What the Holy Spirit directed me to do was write a teaching book on the subject, and deliver it in a comic book format.

The Lord opened every door, and finally the tangible copies are here!!!

Thank You Jesus, for another vision fulfilled in my life…

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