November 30th, 2011

14 Treasures Found

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Written by: Gene

Yesterday, I was going through my mom’s storage room looking for some old tools that I used to have. I have been trying to rebuild my workshop and repurchase some things that were long gone.

I would love to have a shop where I can be creative with my hands again. I always wanted to have this, and I am to the point in my life where it seems that my dream has a chance to come true. In the past, it seemed that I would get to a point buying tools and life would take a turn. I have had so many things lost or stolen over time, and I have been working to organize my stuff so that I can use them again.

It is the old story of why we all have 15 hammers. You can’t find your hammer so you go buy one, then you find it and you have 2. You need a hammer later on, can’t remember where you left them, so you buy a third… and so one.

As I was going through the storage, I came across a box that contained some things that I thought were lost forever. If you were ever interested in my past as a young fella, this is my life in a nut shell.

I first want to say that who I am is not defined by who I was. Who I used to be is not who I am. I do not wallow in my past, but I am reminded daily that I serve a loving God.

Jesus made a way for me to be able to live happy, despite the past that I had. I am so grateful for His deliverance power, that has gotten me through so many things.

Here are my 14 Lost Treasures…

1 ) A Green Book Bank – My Grandpa Ralph gave me this as a young kid. He died when I was 5 or so, and the only real thing that I remember about him was the phrase “go play with the chickens”. My grandpa was a hard working shrewd businessman, and I had the opportunity of hearing many of his peers tell me stories about him.

2 ) A Red Safe Bank – This was given to me by my cousin Mark Hubbard. He had gotten it when he opened a checking account, and gave it to me. As a kid, I thought he was the coolest. He gave me his old legos, and hot wheels race track. When I would go over, he would fuss that I messed up his room, but I just thought he had the best stuff. He had made a LeerJet out of legos once, and he had a Saturday Night Fever poster on his wall. He flew gas powered planes on a tether (only when he wasn’t flying them for real.)

3 ) Candle Stick – the first thing I ever won at an auction. They came as a pair, but one was stolen from me…

4 ) Boy Scout Stuff – Yeah I was a Boy Scout once…

5 ) Topaz Birthstone Rings – My grandma gave me these as presents. She died when I was 11. The last gift she ever gave me was $45 for my birthday. I don’t remember much about her. She fought emphysema and my mom would fuss with her about smoking and drinking. My mom lost her parents when she was young (in her 20s), and I can’t imaging not having my parents input into my life.

6 ) Musical Saints Football Lighter – I got this when they were going through my Grandma’s stuff after she died. I asked my mom to get it for me to remember her with. When you press the lighter, it plays “When The Saints Go Marching In”…

7 ) Mouse Pen – I got this from my mom. It used to have Ruby Eyes. Back in High School the thing was to wear a pin on your coat, so my mom gave me this. She used to wear it on her sweater when she was in High School…

8 ) Red Box with 5Gram Gold Ingot – I bought this on my first trip to St Thomas as a teenager. Little did I know that I would, later in life live, there for 9 months.

9 ) Silver Topaz Birthstone Ring – My dad bought me this when I was a teen.

10 ) Second Place Science Fair Ribbon from 1979 – The judges said that my project on earthworms should have gotten me first place, but it went to John… Clearly his dad built the plexiglass solar system for him…

11 ) Pocket Watch – When I was 14 or 15 I bought this for someone for Christmas… They never showed. Every year till I was 20 I saved it in the wrapping to give to them for Christmas, but they never showed. When I was 20, I gave it to myself.

12 ) Omni Watch – My first watch as a teenager. Actually it was my second, but the first was broken during a PE Softball game 2 days after I got it. I loved this watch, and it told me the time through all of my travels and experiences as a teen.

13 ) Copper Belt Buckle – When the electric cowboy was big, my mom made this for me. I still love to play with my model trains, and one day… I will have a place for another layout.

14 ) The Key to My 1971 Porsche 914 – Yeah sure it had a hopped up VW Van Engine, but I loved this car. I could pull 70mph the last set of curves on West Bayou Parkway just before South College (If you know Lafayette, you know where I am speaking). I drove it from Lafayette to Houston at 100mph and got 50mpg. It could drive under a flatbed trailer, and it was more than I could afford. It symbolizes freedom at a price for me. One day I would love to have another one that is fully restored…

Well there you have it…

God has been good to me even when life at times hasn’t. I have some great things to remember, and I am grateful for the family and friends that I have and have had. Thank God for His life and the all chances for living. Thank you Lord for returning these once lost treasures.

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