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October 8th, 2011

Ben Hur, Spice Cake and My Lord

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Written by: Gene

Last night, I sat down to a movie with Mary.

We had gone to the store earlier that day for milk and cake mix. I was hungry for a cake, but not a heavy one. For some reason, I wanted Spice Cake.

While I was walking the aisles, I saw that they had the Charlton Heston movie Ben Hur for $10. This is a movie that I had not seen in years, but I always loved. They would play it on TV on occasion, but it needs to be seen in its entirety to be fully enjoyed. So I expanded our budget, and made my purchase.

I remembered the scene where Jesus gave him water to drink. The Romans couldn’t stand up to Jesus. Jesus had the authority to give anyone water, and no one was going to come between them.

I remember the rowing scene as a kid, and bugging my dad with questions. I remember the beating of the drums, and the call for attack and then ram speed. I remember thinking that I would not want to be one of those rowers.

“Wow dad, he spent 3 years rowing?” “If I were a slave, I wanna be the one on the drum.” “Do you think that was hard work, dad?”

Of course I remembered the chariot race scene… Hollywood won’t waste all that time in a movie, on a scene like that anymore. In fact Hollywood doesn’t make movies like that anymore.

Then there was the scene where Jesus hung on the cross, and the rain came down, and his blood flowed across the earth. Time stood still as the gospel of Jesus Christ was preached.

For a 5 second scene, I saw Jesus paying the price for my salvation. His death gave me life, and His resurrection keeps it coming.

John 10:10 – The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

The movie comes to an end where the Hur family was restored. Judah Ben Hur is restored to the point before the Romans (or sin) have taken all who he was. He learns to forgive, so that he can move on. He had almost allowed his pain to drive him to the point that he was who he hated. Jesus life, showed him how to forgive.

Judah’s mom and sister left the Valley of The Lepers to seek Jesus. Ester told them how Jesus would heal them, but their heart fell as they saw Jesus being crucified. It wasn’t the Romans that wanted Jesus dead, but their own leaders.

As Jesus’ blood flowed across the earth, it brought healing to them. That as a minister is so powerful…

The blood of Jesus still flows today. As the blood of Jesus flows, it still brings healing to those who believe and seek it.

It is kind of funny that right before I sat to watch the movie, I felt compelled to change my status on FaceBook. It read like this:

Do you need something from God? Ask Him, hear Him, obey Him.
Jesus died to heal you Spirit, Mind, and Body. He wants you to be complete, lacking nothing.
Are you ready to serve Him, so that you can be complete?

Hollywood might not make movies like this, but Jesus is still the same. He wants to save you, love you and change you.

Thank you Father God, for a plan for my life. I gladly preach the Gospel of your Son Jesus.

Thank you Jesus for obeying your Father, your death and resurrection brings healing today.

Thank you Sweet Holy Spirit for showing me a simple subtle thing in a movie to reming me that I am loved.

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