July 15th, 2009

Say “Hello” To My Little Friend

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Written by: Gene

About 3-4 months ago I was doing a project with the kids during our Wednesday Night church class, and made a little turtle out of construction paper. The kids all seemed to love the turtle, and a debate ensued as to who could take it home.

When I was asked what the turtle’s name was, I blurted out “His name shall be Bumper!”

Since then the little guy was on my mind, and I searched for ways to make Bumper come to life. I needed a mascot of sorts to get certain points across, and Bumper made the job seem easy. I had looked into making a 3D model of him and different ways to do animate him, and I finally settled on using a program called “Flash”.

Father God blessed me with Adobe Production Suite for both my Mac and PC computers (at $1800 a pop, this was truely a blessing especially since the programs were purchased for me as a gift.) I have been using Photoshop since 1995 and Final Cut Pro since 2002, and I needed a program that had a learning curve that I could easily get in to.

I had come up with several ideas for Bumper, and I wondered how I would be able to have the time to create all the elements that goes into a cartoon. One day I stumbled across a site called Cartoon Solutions and got in touch with the artist there. His name was Ryan Simmons, and let me tell you does awesome work.

Ryan has done cartooning for some big companies (Dreamworks… Warner), and he took my rough sketches and put together a package that astounds me. Bumper has come to life!!!

Bumper Turtle

I hope to have the first published work done in about 6 weeks. It amazes me how the Lord has blessed me with the means necessary to put together something like this. I am so glad that I didn’t say “Yeah right, like God wants me to animate or make a comic strip”

Sometimes He wants you to believe for Him to bring you the silliest sounding things, but all He needs is for you to say “Ok Lord… Yes”

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