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July 14th, 2011

Seek, Listen and Obey

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Written by: Gene


The last year has brought Mary and I through many good changes. Changes that we would not have made, without the loving guidance of the Holy Spirit behind them.

Anyone who knew me 6 or even 10 years ago would probably wonder if they know me now. In fact, if you knew me 15 or 20 years ago, you would see me doing things now that you would have never imagined.

I learned a while back that life is a series of small journeys, and those small journeys lead us toward a life journey. When we are young, we know where we want to go in life, and if we are smart we will write down goals that will get us there. If we are disciplined, we will follow those goals.

All our goals are made perfect by allowing the Holy Spirit to help us with subtle changes along the way.

When I was young, I knew where the Holy Spirit wanted me to go, but I allowed certain things to cause me to go the opposite way. I was like Jonah refusing to go to Ninivah and chose to ride in the belly of a whale for so long. When I repented, I smelled like whale vomit, but I was finally going the right way.

If you are familiar with my testimony, you know of what I am referring…

Anyway, we have been making some changes. Why? Because we have a mutual vision… While some of these changes might not make sense to you, they are proving to make sense to us.

Take for instance this farm. This started as I was meditating on a Word that was given to me. I was being prayed over, and a Word from the Lord was spoken to me about God’s plan for my life. I was thinking about this, and I expressed a concern to Him. My concern simply was about my state of health, and how I knew that I needed to be in much better physical shape to do these things.

God had directed me to start a church, and I was concerned about my body keeping up with His will… What was His reply to me? “Raise chickens and grow a garden.”

I said “Ok”, approached Mary with my new desire, and started to learn everything I could about farming for the small lot. As I was planning this, I asked for 2 things. First I needed the funds to build the coop, and second I need the plans for its design.¬†Everything came in for the project.

The whole concept for the chicken coop and corral came in a literal dream. I dreamed a few times that I was building it, and when we actually did, I didn’t need any plans. I knew where everything was supposed to go. I knew how to construct it, because I had constructed it before. Sometimes I wonder if that was how Noah was able to build the ark.

So now we have this farm, that is supposed to help us with the church…

I can tell you right now that if I were to use computer related analogies to preach in Arnaudville, I would loose my congregation. Now I have farming analogies, and they get it. I mean who cares how a corona wire in a laser printer fits in with the cleansing power of the blood of Jesus? Right?

Mary and I have 2 goats, and the male is fighting with badder stones. Poor little guy is pushing to pee so hard that he can barely move. We had been looking online for answers, but were not sure what was wrong (this was before we found out the real problem). He had gotten to the point where he couldn’t even play, didn’t eat, and cried while laying down (in pain).

It was when we stopped and prayed, that the Holy Spirit helped us figure out the issue was bladder stones. We researched that, and 3 solutions were highlighted to us. We continued to pray thanking God and are doing what He showed us, and yesterday Gottee was running, playing, and eating. We are still believing for a complete recovery.

Yesterday as we were going in for the evening, we were blessed when we realized how the Lord had moved again for us. We realized that it was seeking God’s will, listening to His voice, and fully obeying His direction that caused this improvement in Gottee. We also realized how this was the pattern for all the Lord had been doing in our lives.

The Holy Spirit had been dealing with me about my health (after all I did pray about it), and He told me that it was time to start phase 2 of His plan for me. First phase was the chickens and garden (the garden is something I am still trying to learn, but next year I will get it down), and the second was to start fasting so that my praying will be more effective.

So we are taking another small journey, to help us with the life journey. I am excited to see what the Lord has for us. I can’t help but be, because He had already proven Himself faithful in my past.

I guess the best analogy is a road trip. All of us are on a road trip that takes us through life. There are two roads. One is as wide as it is long, and leads to nowhere (well in fact it leads to Hell both in this life and the after life). It also is filled with people driving to whatever catches their eye, and doing whatever feels good at the moment. The second is a two lane scenic route with deep ditches and exits that lead to and from the wide road. This second road leads to eternity in Heaven.

The Holy Spirit is our trusty GPS, and He is constantly recalculating as we get distracted along the way. He tells us when to avoid the ditch, when to refuel, when to turn around, when to stop. The scenic route is a winding road that leads north, and as long as you stay on it you will go north. Sadly, if you decide to turn of the GPS, you will eventually end up on the wide road.

Because it is a winding road with deep ditches, you can’t just shoot straight. You need to make subtle steering adjustments as the Holy Spirit leads you. Yes, the Lord wished we would be able to just drive straight north, but He has to take into account the others on the road as well. We don’t all have the same driving skill, and in fact we need to leave room for people to get off of the wide road.

Life is a journey, and it is filled with thousands if not millions smaller journeys. Some of the smaller ones might not make any sense to you at the time, but when you are seeking, listening and obeying the Holy Spirit, you will get to where you know you are most successful in life.

Thank you Father for your perfect map for my life. Jesus, thank you for paying for that map to be mine. Holy Spirit, thank you for being my GPS and for being patient to recalculate so often.

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