Prayer and Fasting

July 11th, 2011

The Flesh is a Silly Thing

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Written by: Gene


Before Mary and I were even engaged, I felt impressed to go on a 40 day fast. I was at a comfortable weight, and the urge to fast was still something that I felt needed to be “bound in Jesus’ name.”

I never went on that fast, and because of that, I can see that I should have. I have gained quite a bit of weight, and supplements don’t work like they used to.

I knew that the fast wasn’t going to be easy, but I need to do this. I am going to do this. Let’s make this official, and lay down the rules for this time of prayer and fasting….

I am going to fast from meat, breads and cakes, processed foods, fast foods and restaurants. I am allowed fruits, nuts and veggies (all this must be raw). I also am allowed peanut butter, real cheese, salad dressing, honey, and katsup.

My goal is to have periods of time where I fast more often, and intake just juices and smoothies. Ultimately I will get to where I fast with just water.

There are so many things that God wants to do through me and I do not want my flesh to get in the way of them. I also know that God wants me healthy, and my own lifestyle is hindering that. Finally, I also know that the Lord wants me to go places, and I need to be in better shape to get there.

The last thing I want is to prevent God’s blessings on my life, and there are certain _____ that need to go…

Last night I knew it was almost time to start this, and it was like my flesh was all geared up saying “Look, I’m not hungry. I don’t want to eat anything. See, I have self-control…” Today, it is a different story… Old Man Flesh is crying like a big fat sissy, and I say “good”.

My flesh will not rule me, it will not control me, and it will not hinder me. My flesh does not define who I am, it is no different than a vehicle too get where I am going. I used to say that I was built for comfort and not speed, but it is time to streamline my gut.

The rules for prayer are this…

I continue to pray in tongues for an hour first thing each day, and I will pray through the 6 small meals a day. As I pray I know that the Lord will impart things into my heart, and I am to journal this journey. I am keeping track of my intake and attitude, and repenting daily while making the adjustments.

I have a feeling that I will be buying a lot of roses for Mary in the near future… I told Mary to get ready as I go through this PMS (Preparing for Ministry by Starvation.)

I must walk in love while I crucify my flesh…

Father God, I think you for leading me on this journey. I am trusting you to show me where I need to change, and I submit to your leadership. You Lord are my source and supply.

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