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July 7th, 2011

Independence Day, Conflicts, and 2 Nuggets

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Written by: Gene


This July 4th, Mary and I celebrated our 1 year ministry anniversary. Yes we had worked under other ministers, but this was the first year doing our own work. I remember the day like it was yesterday. We went up before the church we were at, they prayed over us, and were released into the personalized ministry that God created just for us.

There were many things that we had to get used to at first. I can honestly say that we prepared for this unlike anything that we have ever had to prepare for. The Sweet Holy Spirit had given us a clear cut direction, and we knew what we were to do.

We vowed to do this work at all cost, and I remember praying that “even if God had to get every penny through me to finance this, I would do it.” I had no real concerns, because I knew that God was in this.

The first thing that we knew, without a doubt, was that for the first 6 months we needed to pray. We would hold a “service” 1 Sunday a month, but all other Sundays were for prayer.

Sure enough we were hit with a situation where we were pressured to stop praying, and start holding services every week. I am so glad that we stood firm, and that God protected us by removing the wolves away from us.

Sure as we were going through this, it didn’t feel nice, but in our hearts we knew it was for the better. We stood firm. and were faithful to do as we were instructed. If you want God to work on your behalf, you need to follow His instructions to the letter.

Doing this will bring conflicts, and conflicts will make you question your abilities and calling, but when it is about God (as opposed to being all about me) you are golden through that situation.

Mary and I were sitting at the table talking about this, and the Holy Spirit dropped 2 things into my heart…

  1. To People – When you stand for what is right (according to Scripture), you are “Holier Than Thou”; When you fall for a lie (this is by the standards of others here), you are a “So Called Christian” – So What’s The Use (We can’t make everyone happy, but we can make God happy)
  2. To God – Everyone reacts to God’s Instruction, and we all flinch when it hurts – Are we going to receive it so that we can grow?

Those things are so comforting. We have learned so much during this past year.

January 2nd we held our first Weekly Sunday Service, and were blessed with 15 people. In a town of 1800 that is .8% of the town’s population. Most mega churches don’t have that percentage rate…. (Well it might not mean much to you, but I was blessed by it)

We have pressed forward despite being let down by those we thought would be happy for us. It does hurt when people that you cared for couldn’t care less about the good happening in your life, but we can’t be distracted by people pleasing.

Our church has a great core of regulars, and our past few outreaches were miracles direct from God. For instance, at our Easter outreach, we had over 60 kids (over 100 people total), and handed out 1800 eggs. I was concerned about volunteers, but God provided more volunteers than regular Sunday Service attendees… That means that more people showed up to support us, than show up on any given Sunday for “Worship”.

Seems to me that God knows what Worship really is…

I was preaching on “Peace”a few Sundays back, and these words came out of my mouth (it is always nice when you can preach to yourself)…

When we obey God in every situation and are walking in love, we are at peace with Him. When we are at peace with God, we are by default at peace with man. It doesn’t matter if they see it or not, it is God that sees your efforts of peace, and it is He that rewards¬†them.

Yeah, the Holy Spirit is cool…

No matter what you are going through, stay the course that God has for your life. Obey His instruction, Delight in His will, Seek His Face, Make His Word final, and Love His People…

Then my friend, you will see miracles

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