June 18th, 2011

Free Bible Bucks

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Written by: Gene

Building a church from the ground up requires a lot of imagination and creativity. That is made easy when you know that you know that The Lord has truly called you to do it. God will never ask you to do anything that He already hasn’t provided for. We just have to ask Him.

Our Children’s Church has been growing (half of our congregation is under 10), and we have been blessed with so much. This past week we were able to purchase a Betty Lukens Large Deluxe Flannel-graph Set! Mary and I were talking about how it was time for us to implement our years of past Children’s Ministers experience and build that Department right.

Doing this takes money… And lots of it… Not just real money, but BIBLE BUCKS kinda money. So I dove into PhotoShop and created a set of Bible Bucks for our church. I found the coolest picture of Jesus drawn by Clara, and used that as inspiration for the other bills. After I was done, I figured that other churches might need some extra cash as well, so here it is.

I hope that this is beneficial to all you Children’s Ministers out there.

You can download the pdf file by clicking the above image. I would suggest you print these borderless onto 8.5 x 11 letter paper at about 94% Scale. A laser printer (B&W or Color will work fine) will save ink, and we put each bill amount on a different color paper. This pdf is a form that allows you to enter your Children’s Church’s Information, and yields 3 Bucks per sheet (great size for small hands).

These Bible Bucks are Copyright by myself and free, and must stay free and never, never, never to be resold.

Of course, donations are welcome

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