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May 26th, 2011

The Parable of The Swimming Pool

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Written by: Gene

Mary and I had been believing for a way to have a little “Get Away” time. We have been so busy that we find ourselves zoning out at the most least opportune moments. We could have taken a couple days off and gone to a hotel about 5 hours drive away, but we wanted a way to take off all summer.

The solution to our need was to get a swimming pool. We had about $300 bucks to spend on a pool, but if I was going to get a pool I would have to also maintain it. You don’t just go buy a pool and are done, but you have to also pay to fill it with water and put chemicals in it to keep that water clean. I knew that our water out here in Arnaudville would not make that easy.

So as with any purchase, I researched it to the point that I am a well informed buyer. If my budget was to be $300 then I needed to buy it all for that amount. I soon realized that pool cleaning supplies were going to cost one-third of my budget. We have trees, critters, and the nastiest water out here. I did not want a mosquito infested pond 15 feet from our house…

I went on eBay and found a Intex pool that was 12″ round and 3″ deep, and figured that I would have to settle for a very small watering hole to cool off in. I had visions of myself on a float, glass of lemonade in hand, and a breeze blowing over my wet hairy stomach as it protruded out of the water. Then Mary walked in…

She quickly said that she couldn’t picture all of us in that small of a pool… The image that I had of me on the float now included me washing out onto the yard as Mary popped my pool. We pulled up pools that were 15″ and 4″ deep, but they were $250!!! What was 5/6th of my budget, and it didn’t include chlorine (much less the 4,400 gallons of water to fill it).

So I prayed…

I felt led to check on Craig’s List, and low and behold this guy had a pool and a goat for sale. I gave him a call and we drove over to see the goat (errr the pool). The pool was nasty, stinky  and slimy, but we purchased the pool for $100 and Mary got her goat for $75 (men, sometimes we must make sure we care for the desires of the people trusting in us before we get the things that we want for ourselves.)

We brought home our purchases, and within 45 minuted Mary and I had the pool up and the hose ready to fill it. We went to the store and also purchased the chlorine, a pool repair kit (just in case), and new hoses for the pump/filter. As we were filling up the pool, I remembered that all the new pool dealers all suggested that people upgrade the filters because they came with 1000GPH pumps.

I really felt that we needed to get a new pump and I had seen one on eBay that was 2500GPH for $99. I went online and made my purchase, and doing so brought the pool total to $225.

As we filled up the pool, we noticed a leak and quickly pulled out the patch kit. After it was filled we had patched 3 holes total in the liner. Happy with our pool holding the pretty green Arnaudville water, we tossed in the chlorine (actually we shocked the water first), and turned on the pump. It was late, and we figured that we would just leave the pump on over night. I told Mary that since our pump was 1000GPH and the pool held 4,400 gallons, it would take 4.5 hours to cycle the water in the pool. 8 hours should do it…

When we woke up the next morning, we saw that the pump was off. Our little bitty pump didn’t survive the night. It had chugged and chugged till it died. I opened up the filter and that nasty old Arnaudville water had killed the pump by clogging the filter. It was so nasty inside the filter, and we still had green water.

I added more chlorine and climbed into the pool. While we “swam” we stirred up the water and caused the chemical to start to do it’s work. The next day without a filter I kept an eye on it, and the day after the new filter came in. Mary and I hooked it up, turned it on, and sat bach in amazement as the new pump came to life.

This thing was putting out so much current that I told Mary we could make our pool look like the fountain at Caesar’s Palace. As I looked at the filter do it’s work and read the paperwork, I realized that this filter could power a vacuum. I found myself on eBay again, and purchased a pool maintenance kit (with vacuum) for $75. I reached my budget…

Last Tuesday, we cut the grass… I figured that the clippings wouldn’t get in the pool, and they didn’t. But, we are so dry over here that the dust blew all over. Mary said it was so bad at one point, that she saw the mower deck going on the ground, but she couldn’t see me in the dust cloud. Molly went outside to wash off the floaties, and gave up because they were getting dirtier as she washed.

Can I tell you that there was a layer on the pool that took me 2 hours to get off, and after we swam in it again we could see the sediment on the bottom of the pool. I found myself on eBay again going over my budget by $25 as I purchased a cover.

Last night, my vacuum came in, and this morning I went out and watched as my kick booty pump sucked all the dirt off of the bottom of the pool. I was really glad to have invested more into the quality maintenance tools for the pool, that I did on the pool itself.

Isn’t that how life is?

We are the pool. We are used, torn, worn, old and cast aside for cheap. We can’t hold water, and it is frustrating because we were made to hold water. But Jesus picked us up, brought us home, cleaned us off, put us together, patched our holes, and filled us with water.

The nasty water of this world comes in, and we try to maintain ourselves with the same old pump and filter. All we do is burn out. Jesus steps in and stirs the water, causing the whitening power of His blood to work through us. It is when we allow Jesus to hook up His pump and filter, that we see that old water of this world replaced with the water of life. It is through the maintain filter of the Word of God that we change.

If the devil can’t get to us with his nasty water, he will try throwing his dirt on us. Don’t fret it, because Jesus will take out all that mess, and put a covering on us that will keep us protected.

God didn’t want a clean person with no potential to hold a lot of water, He wanted a messed up person with more potential to hold all He could fill them with. He just needs that person to allow Him to not only clean them and fill them up, but to also maintain them through His Word.

God wants us to realize that He has no  budget when it comes to maintaining us.

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