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December 2nd, 2018

What We Put Our Faith In

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Written by: Gene

As I watched this, a couple things came to mind.

1) Roman Empire = This world

2) Many gods = Anything you put your faith in

3) People put their faith in things like

     a) Political Correctness

         i) Ideas of the day

         ii) Keeping track of offenses

     b) Health Care

         i) Vaccines

         ii) Health Insurance 

         iii) Drug Companies and Medications

         iv) Eating Habits

     c) Modern Study

         i) Science

         ii) Global Warming

         iii) Degrees and Certifications

     d) Politics

         i) Government

         ii) Military

         iii) Laws and Courts

         iv) Value of the dollar

     e) God’s Creation

         i) Animal Care Ideals

         ii) Environmental Responsibility

         iii) Human Rights

     f) Desires

         i) Entertainment

         ii) Drugs and Alcohol

         iii) Sexual Preferences

4) The Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil contained the items under #3 (what people put their faith in)

     a) People can’t help trying to figure it out on their own

         i) They want to be in control

         ii) They want to manipulate morality for their own personal gain

     b) It is easier to place faith in what I can see, rather than place it in The Almighty and ask Him for direction.

         i) Don’t have time to waste trying to learn and acknowledge Who God is

         ii) Don’t really want to have faith in Him

         iii) Really don’t want to know what He would have us do, because we really don’t want to obey Him

              x) He can be God, but not my Lord

5) This is why Paul was beaten

     a) One God = One Faith 

     b) Faith in one God = Faith on nothing else

         i) I give up my control

         ii) I give up my personal gain

         iii) I spend every moment getting to know who The Lord is.

     c) Being a christian = Not being like this world

Romans 12:2    And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

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