August 24th, 2018

My Bride

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Written by: Gene
Woke up today with a lot on my mind.
I am grateful to The Lord for Mary. She has stood by my side during the worst time of my life. When she promised “for better or worse” she has proved how far she is willing to go through “worse” with me. I have seen other couples give up for much lesser “worse” times, but not Mary.
When I was in perfect health, I was told constantly how much of a failure I was by so many other people (and I believed it myself). Here I sit battling with my health, and she refuses to allow me to degrade myself.
This cabin is a daily reminder and proof to me of how great a woman she is.
I could barely move when I asked her to go into the woods and build a cabin with me. I told her that I knew what to do to accomplish all this, but I needed physical help from her.
She agreed. She didn’t tell me that I would fail, or that she didn’t trust me. She knew her limitations and she forced herself to be willing to follow my lead and step out of her comfort zone. She gave of herself to the point of major pain and discomfort.
She received my direction, helped me fulfill a life long dream, and never once made me feel like a foolish looser and not once did she call me a “control freak”.
I am so grateful for her not giving up on me…
I see the posts of other women, and I would never leave Mary for some of the shallow selfish princesses out there. She is my Queen and I feel like I could conquer the world because of her support.
When God handed her to me as a help meet, He gave me the best.
As I ponder this example of what a great bride is, I realize that I am the Bride of Jesus Christ. I want to be the same type of bride to Jesus that Mary has been to me.
He has a dream house that he wants to build. I know my limitations, but when I follow His direction, I can do all things through Him. He might not be here physically, but I can be His body and do His work for Him as He leads.
I am comforted by our mutual trust for each other, and rejoice at the miriacles He has done through me.
Thank You Jesus for loving me…
Lord as I sit here watching Mary sleep, I ask that You give her peace, comfort, strength, and restoration.

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