August 2nd, 2018

Why I Laugh

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Written by: Gene
Why do I laugh?
I have been pondering my mom’s Memorial Service, and my state when I was there.
I currently live in constant physical pain (some of you may know that), and I tend to deal with physical pain differently than others.
When pain hits me sharply, I tend to make the usual screaming “ouch”. When pain is constant, I tend to laugh and joke as I try to manage it.
The only time I might consider pain meds, is when (for a short time) pain makes me cranky, and even then I do not take anything for pain. I don’t like the idea of becoming addicted to pain meds, and this is even to the point that I choose to do without and “suck it up”.
There was a time when a chiropractor was adjusting my back because I threw it out. As she was twisting me in her torture devices, I found myself laughing and joking. She stood up and said to me, “you have a very high tolerance for pain…”
When mom passed, I hurt inside, but I knew it was for purely selfish reasons. I was going to miss my mom, and would miss our talks together. We had developed a great dialogue over the years, and could really talk about anything (especially the Goodness of God).
But, I knew that my mom was in a much better place, and I even found myself jealous of where she was. She was hand-in-hand in the presence of Jesus. As I sat next to her, knowing that she had gone moments before, I looked up and said, “Thank You Jesus, and mom I will see you later…”
When it came time to do her memorial, I was physically hurting so much, I almost didn’t go. I knew a memorial wasn’t what mom wanted, but memorials are not for those who have gone home… They are for us who remain.
As I sat there on the front row of the service, I was made happy by those who came to me saying they were sorry for my loss. I saw tears in their eyes as they had an idea of my loss, because they were remembering those whom they had lost.
But, I found myself happy, laughing, and even telling jokes.
Here I was in physical pain, laughing as I tried to manage it. I was happy to see the kindness of people towards my mom. I was rejoicing as I coveted my mom’s new place in Eternity with Jesus.
I know there were some people who thought I was manic or crazy as I sat there, talking with them. Here is a guy in shorts, leaking from his legs on a pad, unable to physically make himself wear mourning clothes and mope around.
But, I was happy for my mom, and I refuse to spoil it by moping around. Her passing was her reward, I won’t steal God’s glory by making her passing about me.
I guess that is why Jesus said, “let the dead bury their dead”. As a Born Again Believer who has already died with Christ, death has no meaning in my life, because even in physical death, we are made alive.
That is why I refuse to say my mom died, she is so very alive right now. My mom passed over from her body of death, to her Eternal Life with Jesus.
And when I do miss her, I am reminded of the scripture that says, “one day with God is as a thousand years, and a thousand years is as one day.”
Jesus went home to prepare a place for me 2000 years ago, but in heaven that is like 2 days. If God spent 7 days creating everything, imagine how good my mom has it in heaven after 2 days of Jesus preparing our place there.
Mom passed when I was 50 and God limited us to 120 years. So if I live for 70 more years of that 1000 years as one day, then it will only seem like 3 hours to my mom that she hasn’t seen me.
So I laugh… rejoice even… this painful body of death will not have me forever. One day I will be free from it, and until then I live by the verses that say “I shall not die, but live and declare the glory of God” and “to live is Christ, and to die is gain”.

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