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October 10th, 2017

Petitioning Two Masters

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Written by: Gene

There is a statement that I wish I could make, but I think I would come off as insensitive or offensive. Even so I must type out some thoughts.

It has become my firm conviction that the term “Worldly/Human Wisdom” is an oxymoron.

Let’s expand on the scripture verse “You cannot serve God and mammon. You cannot have two masters.” Change out the word “serve” and exchange it with phrases like “submit to, have faith in, follow, trust in, receive council from, or consider as a team.”

Mammon or money, is a man made thing that us used to exchange between people the things that are God’s (that He has already give us to use). We can’t make dirt, but we sell land for money. We can’t make health, but we buy symptom reduction for money. We can’t create wisdom, but we sell man’s certificates of observation for tuition.

What does the Bible say again about worshiping the creation more than the creator? If we are told to “lean not on our own understanding, but in everything know who God is” why do we put faith in the wisdom and understanding of other men?

Consider this… We have an issue arise that only God can solve. We cry out “Lord help me” while at the exact time we pray for the “man made mammon” needed to purchase the “wisdom and understanding” of men, all the while exclaiming that “God can use these things we offer to Him to deliver us.”

If we can have the “faith” to believe that God will guide us through all these man made hoops to obtain what only He can deliver, why can’t we cast out the second master and just have the faith to let Him deliver us directly?

I have seen too many God fearing born again friends suffer under the direction of the second master, all the while calling out to The Almighty to deliver them from that said master.

Sadly, this practice is so prevalent in our society, that I am deemed hateful for calling it out… So I pray for opportunities to minister one on one to those who are ready to truly be delivered.

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