October 2nd, 2017

How To Be The Dumbest Person On Earth

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Written by: Gene
I just saw the funniest video shared by a good hearted friend of mine, and it got me thinking.
The video is about adoption and how people seem to be insensitive because of how they ask questions. She stated that she never got offended, and that is because she has a little more understanding than most people.
As a parent of a child born with Spinal Bifida, I too was once ignorant of people who had children with “disabilities.” I didn’t know what a shunt was and that it relieved hydrocephalus in babies. I was required to learn the hospital-handicapped-insurance-SSI-physical therapy lingo to navigate the maze of the unknown.
People would see, and want to be informed about my plight, but they did’t know how to ask. So they asked the best they could and sometimes its seems laughably insensitive.
But, I was once ignorant too… And, at least they cared enough to “want” to know. I didn’t see the benefit in “getting offended…”
The worst part about the situation, was that close friends backed away from me because they didn’t know how to ask, and so I stood alone.
What it boiled down to was semantics. We humans like to quibble about semantics, and demand people step up and talk like we do or we will call them ignorant. Well, no duh Sherlock, they don’t know and that is why they are asking. Get off the sensitivity train, and tell them what you know.
The same is true about new converts into the faith. We give them like 3 days to be fluid in christianeese, or it is back to hell with them.
I am so glad that God doesn’t treat me that way.
There are times when I just don’t know how to pray, or express my pain to God. It is like a child trying to tell their parent about the booboo they got, but they just don’t have the vocabulary to tell us.
They struggle for the words, but they don’t yet exist to them. So we as parents have to read between the lines, and teach them. We teach them why it hurts, where it hurts, how to tell us it hurts, and we kiss the hurt and make it go away.
God does that for us. He listens to us stumble for the right words, and He even prays for us through The Holy Spirit. He helps us through the pain, even though we didn’t speak the exact perfect grammatically correct King James inspired prayer. God is just kind, loving, and gentle that way.
We need to be willing to forgive the ignorance of a caring person wanting to learn, and allow a relationship to grow. I wonder how many supportive friendships we cast aside because we were over-sensitive jerks who demanded people to all know exactly how I feel at any given moment.
Heck, I don’t even know how I feel at any given moment, so how can I expect other people to know how I feel…
I remember bringing my daughter to school one day, and she made the statement, “It is just that when I get something, I expect other people to get it too.”
My response to her was, “that would make you the dumbest person on earth.” I explained…
“If you finally understand or know something, and everyone else knew that first, then that means you were the last person to get a clue.” “and, being the last person to get a clue, makes you the dumbest person on earth…”
So next time you feel the urge to think someone is ignorant and insensitive, when in fact you are you are just being overly sensitive, remember that you are placing yourself in the “dumbest person on earth” category.

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