August 16th, 2017

Pity Tokens

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Written by: Gene
I saw this quote in an article…
“Sympathy for tough situations isn’t a bad thing in and of itself, but it becomes corrupted when people rush to collect ‘pity tokens.'”
I was once in a situation where there was more value to being a victim, than to have faith and be victorious.
When dealing with people like that, you will never be good enough in their eyes. You will fail constantly, and life will always suck. You will never be allowed to move on and experience the goodness of the life that God can provide.
There will always be this life draining sucking sound as your attempts to provide happiness to another are reduced to pity fodder.
You will find yourself praising The Lord in church, while they are in the back telling others how deplorable life is with you. They will reduce your love to hatred, because they are addicted to the “poor babys” and “ta-tas” that they get from the “yes men” that have surrounded themselves with.
If you are lucky to break free, you will still be the focus of their angst for years to come. You will always be the “worst person” they ever had to deal with.
This is all over the world today. Fingers pointed at others because you suck at life and other people dare to move on. Your laziness can’t possibly be an issue because it was that person’s “self serving privilege” that was the reason you cannot get past yourself.
I made a choice to not be controlled by such people anymore, and I refuse to devalue my life to a pile of pity-points.
Keep your disability embracing looser lifestyle to yourself, because I am not defined by you. I am defined by The Almighty, and any argument you might try to raise up is nothing more than a moot point.

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