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June 7th, 2017

Prayer Trolls

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Written by: Gene
I have had my share of internet trolls, and I see how they operate.
I have been battling an attack for over 3 years now, and I will say that trying to maintain spiritual truth, while your mind and body are racked with pain, can be a real challenge.
I try to get through my days by staying busy. I pray constantly, read The Word, and meditate on My Lord all day long. I also play with my trains, make videos, watch movies, play video games, but I tend to stay off of Facebook.
Why do I stay off of Facebook? Because of the trolls.
I have been believing for my healing, and part of my healing will not include a doctor’s visit. This is where I am being led by the Holy Spirit, and I know that not everyone will pursue their healing the same way as me.
When I stand and pray with someone, I try to pray in the same area that their faith has them. Yeah, we can all have more faith, but God meets us where we have our little mustard seed planted.
I don’t ask many people to pray with me about this affliction, because it is near to impossible to stand in a prayer line, state what you are believing for, and not have the person who is supposed to be praying and standing with you say something like, “really? what does the doctor say it is?”
When you tell them that you are not going to the doctor, they go into their rhetoric about how God can use doctors, and you need to know what it is, and blah blah blah…
I cannot begin to tell you how many times I wanted to say to the prayer line troll, “well if my healing is in the doctor’s office, why in the hell am I in your prayer line?”
But I have to remember that not everyone believes like I do, and I have to take the high road, and continue to pursue my healing God’s way.
I say all this, because I see friends of mine who are suffering. They are also believing God for things. They are also trying to understand spiritual things while their minds and bodies are in pain.
They are trying to ask God why, without sounding like they are loosing their faith. They are clinging to The Word’s promises, while the storm is knocking them on their butts. They struggle for the words to pray, but it is no different than a child trying to use adult words to describe their booboo…
All they want is for The Father to kiss their booboo and make it better…
I see that, and yes as a person on the outside looking in, I need to be careful to not be duped into thinking that my outside view makes me a spiritual expert.
I am filled with compassion for my fellow believer who is taking their test right now. This test is hard, the pain is real, and we know that we need to stand firm.
But we don’t need the trolls with their hindsight wisdom spewing their awesomeness like spiritual puke. We don’t want your untested perfect self righteous doctrine.
Just because it sounds good in your head, it doesn’t mean that it will taste good as you force feed it to us. This is especially true if you have no scriptural backing for your words.
See… We are taking a test right now, and we just need to know that you are able to sit with us where our faith is.
We don’t need the “friends of Job” treatment, but we do need to know that God has not abandoned us. We need to draw closer to Him, and not to be asked what sins we committed that caused God to forsake us.
We are seeking the wisdom of God, and don’t need the wisdom of men confusing an already confused mind.
As you talk about what doors we might have left open to invite this affliction, remember that there will come a time when you will be tested. Make sure that the doors you are currently leaving open will benefit you during that time.

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