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May 27th, 2017

Friends of Job

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Written by: Gene
There is something that really bugs me, that I am going to remind myself that I don’t want to be a part of it.
I have several friends (and I mean several) that are going through real tragedy in their lives. I see them from a distance, and sympathy and compassion has me call out to The Almighty to intercede on their behalf.
But then here comes the vultures. These are those who fly down, pretending to care, but their only motivation is to place themselves in the middle of the tragedy (as if they were going through the pain themselves) so that they cam keep the “benefits” of sympathy and “well wishes” for themselves.
They thrive on the pain of others, they act as if they are helping but in fact they want the suffering to continue so that they can benefit through that suffering.
They set themselves up in a position of authority saying things like “don’t bother the family, keep me informed and I will relay the message”. They set up GoFundMe accounts, but want to be in control of the money. They are nothing more than “friends of Job” who want to act as if they are in the middle of the chaos and pain, but are so distant that they can still point fingers.
I have lived this first hand. I have seen how they will milk the suffering of others and if necessary they will compound (cause more suffering) so that they will hear things like “I am so sorry you are going through this” or “you are so loving for being here for the family.”
They pray for healing and deliverance, but that is the last thing they want. Because if God were to actually heal them, then the benefits that men offer in the form of sympathy and benevolence would get cut off.
Like I said, I have lived this and it really bugs me. It is the same as chopping off the arms of your child so that they will make better beggars, and it is disgusting.

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