May 20th, 2017

Passing on The Bitter Meal

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Written by: Gene
Today is a special day. Today I am extending forgiveness to a liar and thief.
Lord God, I forgive. Let not this transgression be held to their account. Just like you have done for me, I extend the same back to them.
Even if this person never acknowledges their transgression against me, when they stand before You in eternity, let their doings towards me be wiped from the list of evidence stacked against them.
In fact Lord, I ask that You continue to pull them towards You so that they will have You as their eternal mediator.
Lord, I demand no repayment for the irreplaceable things they have stolen, because I understand that “Vengeance is Yours, You will repay.”
I submit to Your schedule in dealing with this, because I know that You are working in areas that I could never understand, and You are dealing with the current 7+ billion people on this planet to make sure that everyone is served the justice (or mercy) that they are asking for.
Lord, I have chosen the two way street of mercy for my life, instead of the two way street of justice. Because of this, I cannot afford to hold onto unforgiveness, but I must allow mercy to work.
I will not be accepting the offer of justice, because that two way street scares the hell out of me. I claim no innocence in my life, and the plate of justice that I would have to eat from seems like a very bitter meal.
I will be dining from the buffet of Grace and Mercy… Thank You Lord…
Lord I understand that the liar and thief, could just as well be me, and I can’t afford to repay all that I have done to others.
Therefore, I accept the payment to my account that was made via the cross, and allow Your blood to make any and all payments. I do realize and accept that by doing so, I forfeit any claim for justice and will allow Grace and Mercy to have all the space it needs to work.
Yes Lord, today is a special day today. I have extended forgiveness to another, and at the same time received it for myself.

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