May 1st, 2017

Not My Ex’s Whore

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Written by: Gene
I was once in a lousy relationship. I spent all my life trying to please them, in hopes of somehow gaining their “unconditional” love. I would be off working on “us” and they would be talking smack about me to other people.
I was constantly being accused of things that they were doing to me, and made to feel like a failure every single day. I brought everything I had into the relationship, and they left me with nothing in return.
I ended up being alone…
Then one day, God gave me someone who was perfect for me. I am allowed to be me, and at the same time I am challenged to become better. I am daily told how perfect I am, and I now know what real unconditional love is.
The one thing I can never imagine is leaving my true love at home, and going out dancing with my ex… It would make no sense to cause my love to pay for the sins of the other, all the while spending the night with the one I finally escaped from.
Sex with the old relationship cannot compare to the intimacy I have with my new true love.
That old relationship was with the devil… and he left me alone and for dead…
God stepped in, and set me up with His Son Jesus… I am made perfect in Him…
Knowing what I know about my ex, why would I abandon perfect love, to go whore out with the old abuser that I barely escaped from?
Yet, I see people do it everyday…

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A husband to an awesome wife, father to 3 beautiful girls, step-father to a beautiful girl and smart son. Preacher, Designer and best of all a Servant to a loving and gracious God.

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