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January 27th, 2017

Real World Frustrations

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Written by: Gene
As I sit here next to my beautiful bride, I can’t help but sense her frustration over the events at the “women’s” march last weekend.
Honestly the frustration is felt by many people, and I think it needs to be pinpointed to the evil truth.
We have a minority class of self educated elitists in this nation who feel that they can speak for the majority. They set themselves up as leaders and demand that people follow their good intentions submitting to their demands and requiring that we listen to their “in your face” rantings.
If you are a woman and you don’t buy into their control tactics, then you are weak and ignorant to “the facts”. If you are black, and you don’t ascribe to the insider black culture, you are an Uncle Tom who is a slave to the man. If you are a white male… well everything is your fault and you must die…
These elitists want you to think that you are unable to think for yourself, and you need to be educated by their standards. They want a massive out of control nanny state that limits your ability to move “because you might hurt yourself.” The bottom line is, they want to enslave you under their control.
We are under the foolishness of ObamaCare, because Obama stated that “the Governors of each state lacked the creativity to come to a solution for Health Care.” We see what the creativity of these elitists has gotten us.
So the majority is angry and frustrated, the elitist are telling them that they are uneducated deplorable people, and negotiations have come to a close.
It is time for war…
I see that anger is on both sides, and I am reminded of a Biblical Truth concerning the word bitterness. In scripture, the Hebrew word for bitterness is the same word used for rebellion. Scripture tells us that “rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft.”
There is a 3 step process that we as believers need to be aware of.
At first we are faced with oppression. The first step is to become bitter about the oppression, and we as a nation are past that step.
The second step after bitterness sets in, is to rebel against that oppression.. We as a nation have entered into this stage. Rebellion as a concept is not wrong, because as Christians we are told to rebel against the teachings of the world. (Be not conformed to the world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind…)
As a Born Again Believer who has intentionally set out to educate myself in the Word of God, these self educated world elitists make no sense to me. As the world continues to pull craziness out of their rear ends, all I smell is poop.
Mary was praying the other day, and she was reminded that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against the evil spiritual darkness in this world.
If we are not careful to focus on The Word and remember who our real enemy is, we will fall into the third step and that is witchcraft. Witchcraft is using any means outside of the will of God to gain what your flesh desires.
We as a nation are fastly approaching the witchcraft phase. The momentum of the “rebellion of we the people” started within the church and it needs to be kept in check.
This means that the church better make sure that we don’t cause this nation to enter the witchcraft phase. We have a responsibility to guide this nation back to The Almighty and His chosen Jesus Christ.
If we are not careful, we will end up with a nation that “has a form of godliness but denies the power thereof” totally bypassing the power that the grace and mercy of Jesus brings.
In all of this, I have never really stated my frustrations. Yes there is the “I wish the government would leave me alone to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, but there is one frustration that I have never stated, until now.
I have several Born Again black men that I have considered friends, but they have made indirect racists comments that have caused me to wonder if they ever considered me a friend in return. I wonder if they feel the same way about me that their statements and Facebook Posts imply?
I miss certain bits of fellowship…
If we have received the Blood of Jesus and become Born Again, we forfeit the right to demand special privilege based on carnal things like race, gender or politics.
Yes it is ok to gather together in men’s groups, live in an area that is predominantly one race, and attend the local City Council Meeting to raise awareness to your cause. But…
At the end of the day we must write off the “privilege” that other people seem to have based on the categories of their flesh, and thank The Almighty for the privilege that we have in Him as a believer. The benefits and authority of being Born Again outweigh the supposed benefits that Satan would offer you for walking in the flesh.
If we don’t set aside the things of the flesh, we will find ourselves steeped in witchcraft and totally useless to The Lord. When we begin to walk in The Spirit and realize who our real enemy is, we will see revival in this country.
Restoring the United Stated to the ways of God, will happen as an automatic byproduct when we focus on ushering in the Kingdom of God first.
Making America Great Again, if done without considering The Lord’s first mandate to us (Go Ye), if it is done without ushering the presence of The Almighty first, if it continues in the fulfilling of the lusts of the flesh, will cause the fall of one big fast “Great Harlot”.
The church has been warned.Father God, Thank You for setting up races as  a way to keep us dependent on you (Tower of Babel),

Jesus, Thank You for allowing us to be free from the flesh and allowing us to stand proudly in the Privileges that You offer,
Holy Spirit, Help us as Born Again Believers to renounce the sins of the flesh, unite under The Cross, work for the Kingdom, and prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus.

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