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January 15th, 2017

Your New Chances

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Written by: Gene
Lately I have been pondering the verse 2 Corinthians 5:17 which says, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.”
Too often, we think of this as a one sided verse that is telling us that our old life, no longer controls or defines who we are. This verse can be quite liberating, but…
As I was meditating on the Word, the Holy Spirit reminded me of another verse in scripture (Matthew 18:21-35) about the parable of the unforgiving servant.
I know full well that when I became Born Again, I stopped being identified by things like sin, race, gender, and basically anything that pertained to the flesh.
Roman 8 reminds us to walk in the Spirit and not the flesh, and when you think about it, when we get our new sinless bodies in eternity we will no longer be known by that old flesh.
Enter the parable of the unforgiving servant… As a new creation who has received the newness of Christ, I am required to extend forgiveness and newness to others as well. All those that have caused me pain, are to be released.
Do I have to trust them? Nope, but I have to deny myself the right to demand justice be served unto them.
There are many times that Satan will try to stir up those past hurts, and try to get me riled up about things.
I know we all have our “thorn in the flesh” attacks that are sent to buffet us from moving on. Mine is the constant rumor spreading attacks on my character, and it seems that is something I will forever have to deal with.
Satan will come in and say, “Remember when those people were spreading those lies about you? Remember how they went to your parents, and caused your parents to doubt you? How horrible they said you were? Remember how you lost job opportunities, based on those lies. How they were able to get work to feed themselves, but the lies they told, hindered you from feeding your family? Remember how people started separating themselves from you because they believed those lies, and when you went through hell, you were all alone?”
Those thoughts come fast and hard, and you find yourself feeling the oppression all over again…
I have had to warn Mary that there will be many times when she will hear me say, “Nuh-Uh” because that is me stopping the barrage of attacks trying to cause me to enter un-forgiveness.
I force myself to say verbally and loudly, “Lord, I want nothing to be held against these people, I forgive them. Their account is cleared and wiped clean. Just like I want You to forgive me for the things I actually did, I want You to forgive them as well, and so do I.”
I am a new creation, I am not who the flesh says I am. Because I am made new, you are given a new chance every day. I might not trust you, but you have the freedom of knowing that when you meet Jesus face to face, your account with me is clear and debt free.

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