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December 21st, 2016

Dump The 501c3

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Written by: Gene
Saw a meme today that asked the question, “There are over 350,000 churches in America, so why are there 200,000 people sleeping on the streets?”
I am not going to address the lack of factual data (because it is designed to try to make the church look unfavorable), but I will answer the question.
Because the churches have been duped into thinking that they need a 501c3 to exist, and when they do open their doors and parking lots, the very government that issues the 501c3 steps in through their unneeded and overfunded departments and cronies like FEMA and The Res Cross, and mucks everything up.
The churches are hassled faster by the government than the government actually responds to those who are in need. They demand churches have permits, training, insurance, and even dump out donations because it isn’t on a pre-approved crony list.
It is time for the church to tell the government to stay out of its business, dump the 501c3 concept, trust in The Lord to provide, and go out into all the world like it is supposed to be doing.

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