November 5th, 2016

Grief and Loss of A Nation

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Written by: Gene

Who here thinks that revival is more important than this election?

Last night I was thinking about the 5 stages of grief and loss…

The five stages are, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

This nation has turned it’s back on God, and several years ago the hand writing was on the wall. The enemies are moving in and the nation is divided.

As I see people preparing to vote for their last ditch effort to “save this nation” all I see are the 5 stages of grief and loss on the faces of people.

They are denying that The USA is choking on it’s own blood, because it allowed Godless things to enter in.

They are angry with anyone who is at the acceptance phase.

They are bargaining with The Almighty with their man of the hour. I have yet to find in scripture any time God agreed to use a man that people presented Him with.

They are depressed because all that they held dear, and The American Dream is slipping through their fingers.

But healing happens when we accept that we have whizzed away and mucked up a great nation by thinking that we don’t need God. Healing happens when acceptance is turned into repentance, and The Lord Jesus is ushered back onto the throne in our nation.

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