October 21st, 2016

The Prayer Lie

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Written by: Gene
Another big lie that I see going around…
Prayer, yes prayer.
Satan is using prayer to try to silence those who go against him.
Let me give an example or two…
Whenever I see a debate is going on and a Trumpian (supporter of Donald Trump) finds a Non-Trumpian, one of the tactics to silence them is to tell them that “they have to pray for Trump, because God can use Trump”
The tactical lie is basically that the opponent should shut up, go in the corner and prayer 24/7 for Trump. But you know full well that Trumpians will refuse to admit that maybe God can use Hillary too and they spend all their time trolling the Facebook posts of Non-Trumpians, so you know full well that they are not in 24/7 prayer for Hillary.
The same is vice versa for Hellinetians (supporters of Hillary).
This lie goes around with all Godly choices it seems. When I choose to take a high road on anything, one of the attacks to silence me is the prayer lie. I am told that I cannot truly support an issue if I am not in my 24/7 “War Room”
This manipulation control tactic is designed to do several things. It might try to imply that I haven’t prayed at all, thus making me defensive and trying to change the point to a moot one. It also might want to cause me to “disappear” into my prayer closet, so that those who oppose the issue have the public soapbox all to themselves.
I saw many Bible students fall into this trap. They would start their day praying, which is a good thing. But Satan would start to guilt them into adding other things to their prayer list. The next thing you knew was that they would spend 4-6 hours reciting this “prayer list” and they would be late for class and not have time for homework and school fellowship.
You wanted to ask them, “didn’t God send you to Bible school in this season? Why are you doing other things that He is not telling you to do?”
See? Satan will try to guilt you into maintaining “righteous” activities that are designed to hinder you from going into His calling for this season.
So I am reminding myself today. My prayer closet is where my faith is revived and God is moved, and once I leave that closet I stay in an attitude of 24/7 prayer; praising The Lord for His answers.
This is what Jesus did. He prayed in the garden sweating drops of blood, but there came a time when He left the garden, and in an attitude of 24/7 prayer and praise, He went to do the work of the Cross.
I remember when Mary and I started a church. We were told to pray in the town for 6 months before the launch of the church. There was a season of prayer, and then a season of stepping out of the garden of prayer, and into the work of The Cross (maintaining an attitude of 24/7 prayer, praise and work).
So yes we pray, praying is vital to the Kingdom of God. But there comes a time of stepping out unto the work of The Kingdom, and maintaining a 24/7 attitude of prayer and praise as we work.

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