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October 16th, 2016

Cabins, Dreams, and Deceptions

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Written by: Gene
It seems that each of us is given a scripture or set of scriptures by the Holy Spirit that carry us for years. Before Jesus ascended into Heaven, He in essence told us through the 4 Gospels and the Book of Acts, that “no deadly thing shall harm you.”
That phrase has carried me for years now. When something would arise against me, “All I had too say was “No deadly thing shall harm me!”
Until me and Jesus are ready for me to go home, I have His work to do and nothing shall remove me from it.
Mary has had one scripture that she has quoted for years in the phrase “many will be deceived.” (Matthew 24:11 Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many.)
The Lord gave that to her so that she would not be distracted and would stay the course.
For some reason, we all have certain stumbling blocks that happen to us and not other people. Some people are attacked in their finances while others seem to be cash magnets. Others seem to have constant health issues, while others go years without so much as a sniffle. I have a friend who can eat 15 large pizzas and loose weight because he had to walk to the door of Mr Gatties, but I drive by a Chinese Buffet and can feel the pounds chasing me down the freeway.
I discovered early in our marriage, that Mary’s “thorn in the flesh” is the attraction of self proclaimed prophets who try to distract her from the truth. I sat her down one day and even told her that “if someone has to tell you they are a prophet, then they probably are not a prophet.”
God was way ahead of me, because before Mary and I even cast our eyes on each other, The Holy Spirit gave her Matthew 24:11 and impressed on her that “it would not be the unsaved who would be deceived, because they are already deceived. It would be the believer’s who will be deceived.”
As long as I can remember, she would say “many will be deceived” and then she would recite what The Holy Spirit explained to her.
This has kept her from yelling “squirrel” while doing His Will, and from starting to chase a duck.
We as a couple have been set aside to prepare this cabin, and we literally push through each day to do this. We have no help from any outside sources or people, and have have only rented one tool (a trencher). God has supplied our needs.
We were given the mandate a few years back to “prepare for the time, when people realize that what they thought they wanted, wasn’t what they really wanted, then they would have a place to go.”
While most people seem intrigued by what we are doing (and even wish they could as well) there are a few who smirk at our lack of worldly construction skills. I don’t care though, because this cabin is being built by a constant leading of The Holy Spirit.
Daily we wake up with a list of what needs to be done, and we pray for strength, clarity, skill and supplies to accomplish each task. We pray for healing as well, and are grateful for God’s grace through the afflictions. I also usually have to ask forgiveness at the end of the day for the many times I get frustrated and my faith wavers.
God is good…
Years before this affliction of swelling, leaking, weakness and pain I was given several dreams. Dreams of more violence in the land, people being led astray, underground churches, the death of a nation, God setting aside plots of land for people, doing things that made no sense to the world, and revival that would change the hearts of people eternally.
Most of this is written in my blog and some on my Facebook page.
I often wonder why it seems that after major dreams and visions are given, thorns in the flesh come into play. But they do, and it is by the grace of God that I can press on.
Back to “many will be deceived”…
We are in the last days, simply put, the 2000 year wait is coming to a close, and Jesus is on His horse waiting for His Father to command the trumpets to blow.
Satan is bringing together all the lies that have been laying dormant engraining themselves into the minds of men. Everything is coming to a head, and when it hits the fan there will be a mess.
My heart is not only for the lost, but also is for the believers out there. Those who are primed to be deceived, because they are still leaning on their own understanding.
If scripture tells us that many will deceived, that means that few will not (do a study on “remnant of God”).
This means that Satan will set himself up in the church if able, and mainstream christian peer pressure will lead you away from God and not to Him.
If you don’t think that Satan hasn’t been influencing the Church, then why are we debating the allowing of gays to lead and be married? Why can’t ministries ween themselves off of the bondage of the unnecessary 501c3? I could go on, but this is not the point. The fact is that many are being deceived.
This is the ministry that I have been involved with. I see the dreams and visions coming to pass, and it is time for the church to purge themselves from the world, as the carcass that is the Americanized Christian Church is abandoned.
It is time for the Kingdom of God to rise up and bring revival to this broken land.
If this bares witness with you, we ask for your prayers. If you want to join us in the preparation of The Kingdom and revival, our gate is open. If you feel the calling to do the same, get started.
If you don’t understand, pray for God to give you understanding and clarity.
If all you want to do is mock, step on and remember that when you realize your error, you will not be rejected when you repent to The Lord.
Be Blessed All

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