October 14th, 2016

My Choice For President

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Written by: Gene
I am of the firm belief/conviction that America is on its deathbed because it walked away from God and no longer considers His Words…
Hillary would be the death nail in America’s coffin…
I am of the firm belief/conviction that Trump has corralled the false prophets around himself, and is successfully destroying the church. The Church is condoning the “better of two evils” concept, and we all know that ~revival always comes when we choose to walk with that as a moral standard.~
So I ask you… who will suffer more?
The country of America for turning it’s back on God’s Ways? or…
The Church for walking away from God because we think He needs evil to be present to have His Will done?
I have been inundated with people arguing their own understanding and frankly I am tired of their lies and manipulative witchcraft.
I am choosing to not lean on my own understanding this election, by rising up and verbally voting for God Almighty my Lord Jesus who is The Christ.
If you think that He isn’t running for election, then don’t bother calling Him “Lord of All”. Jesus is the King of kings, Lord of lords, and President of presidents.
You want to vote platform? There is no higher standard than The Almighty’s.
You can’t believe that a vote for The Lord will count? Why does your faith allow you to believe that He wants to use a flawed man, but a vote for The Almighty doesn’t matter?
We have been voting platform for years and even when we have had controlling houses and a “conservative” in the oval office, abortion was never done away with, Don’t be so gullible to think we now have a chance going the same old insane way.
It is time to admit that you have been duped by the deceiver, and turn to The Lord God.
Don’t bother me with your arguing and trolling. I never yielded to peer pressure in High School, and I deal very harshly with bullies. So if you disagree with my stance, then go off and place your future in a man bowing down before any idol he commands you to bow before.
I choose to stand with God.

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A husband to an awesome wife, father to 3 beautiful girls, step-father to a beautiful girl and smart son. Preacher, Designer and best of all a Servant to a loving and gracious God.

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