August 10th, 2016

Special Anniversary Day

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Written by: Gene

Today is a special anniversary type of day!!!

Please indulge me as I build up to what this day is…

Mary and I dated for a year before we knew we were dating. In fact, I had accidentally asked her out on the first date because I was hungry.

I was hungry because she had pizza for us to eat when I went to her house to set up her computer, but her dad threw it in the trash before I could get into it (he said it was burned). Who in their right mind throws away Pizza Village Dup Special?

As I sat there, pizza in trash, the conversation began to be about food. I mentioned that there was this little Greek restaurant that I liked, and had she ever eaten there. “no…”

“…oh no, you haven’t… would you like to go one day…?” I said
“… sure I would try that…” she said
“… we can go when you get off work…” I said
“…ok…” she said

(que long awkward pause as we both ponder what we just both committed too)

So we have this “date”, and it should have been cute, but I was petrified. I thought all day long about what I would say to her on this date, and as she sat at the table I blurted out “look, I don’t want a girlfriend” or a “wife”. I just want someone to talk to over the age of 13…”

And being a true southern girl she said, “ok”…

So we sat and talked, had Greek food, and experienced a generally good time together. At the end of the date, we agreed to “do it again”.

So here it is a year later. She told me what she hated about things (certain) men did to her, and I told her about the evils of all women as a species. We pulled no punches, and kept our distance. We never even held hands…

But it became clear, The Lord in His infinite sense of humor was putting us together. I knew it, and she knew it. Since she doesn’t listen He gave her dreams (even before our first date), and since I don’t shut up, He stopped talking till I listened.

So I sat one day pondering what I would say to her about The Lord’s impending direction for our mutual lives. I felt stupid… It was like I was getting ready to ask a girl to go steady (at my age..? pfft).

So I sat across from her, on one of our non-dates, and romantically looked into her eyes and said to her, “Look, it is apparent that God is putting us together, so let’s just get this over with…”

She looked at me and said, “yeah He is, but give me a week to gather my thoughts so that I can tell you some things…” To which I agreed…

So a week later, she came over to my place, and as we sat across the room from each other, she told me things that were personal to her (I was able to be my usually composed self, because The Lord had already showed me everything she had said).

I listened, and when she was done, I said, “so we going to do this?” and she lovingly replied, “I guess so…”

So we started doing “couple” type things. We sat next to each other in church, but I didn’t even let her hold my hand. I mean, “not too fast guh… I am not that kind of boy…”

This went on for a couple weeks. She came over to my house, and as it got late, I told my girls to get ready for bed. As they were doing so, I gave Mary the proverbial inch… I allowed her to hold my hand…

It was at this point that the anniversary of a special event happened. In true southern girl fashion, as I gave her that inch, she stole a whole mile.

She leaned in, and stole a kiss from me!!! That’s right, she violated my lips with her’s and made sloppy noises. It was awful awesome!!!

I was hooked on me some Mary, and haven’t looked back.

So today is the anniversary of our first kiss, so celebrate with us, and if you feel so inclined, psm… lol

*I Gene have written it as it happened*

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