August 4th, 2016

The Choices We Make

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Written by: Gene
Consider for a moment the Antichrist. What if we have been duped into thinking that the Antichrist must come in as a tangible physical person first?
What about the spirit of the Antichrist? While we have been distracted with looking for a physical form to come, the attitude of Antichrist is fully functioning in our world.
If “Jesus is The Christ” means that Jesus is God’s “chosen” man by whom He will save the world from its sins and provide relationship with The Father, then an “Antichrist” is any other way (or man) that tries to promote itself as an alternative way of salvation or “path” to God.
The Antichrist must not allow any of God’s plans to work, and is compelled to cast aside all resemblance of God’s presence. The Spirit of Antichrist must operate outside of the Word of God, and be accepted as a higher revelation of thought.
The Antichrist will use bits of Christianity as a way to gain converts, and at the same time condemn the core tenets of Christianity. The Antichrist must get people to change the good that they know for an evil that is more acceptable, and the change must be so engrained that people will fear personal loss if they try to hold it up to the light of the Word of God.
The Antichrist will say that the Word of God is fallible and needs to be updated, and people will come to embrace the new lie to the point of death. In order to get rid of the sin quotient, removing The Word of God is necessary. When the Word is removed, then we have more space to make our own laws and rules, right?
The Antichrist hasn’t changed from it’s original inception in The Garden of Eden. The Words of God must be changed for the deception to work. The Idea that “Jesus who is The Word made flesh”, must be eradicated and replaced with this new higher revelation.
People must renounce The Word of God, thereby renouncing Jesus The Christ, so that the Antichrist can move forward. We are told that The Antichrist will give rise to The Dragon who is Satan.
If I were the devil, I would try to get people to look for a single physical human being, so that I could slowly get people to embrace the spirit of The Antichrist through one suble lie at a time.
I would get them to the point that they feel that their only choices are evil, but they can make a moral one by picking the better of the two. They would be so far from God, that they wouldn’t have a clue, and trying to get them to look at God’s ways would seem so far fetched.
They would defend their right to pick evil, and consider you wrong for not making the choice. They would demonize anyone who choses the ways of God’s Word, and His Son Jesus who is The real Christ.
They would act like they new God, but they would deny the power of His Word to work in their lives. They would try to quote Jesus legally forgetting the Spirit behind the Law, all the while embracing a spirit that is against The Law. They would have a form of godliness but still be slaves to the Antichrist.
Consider the Antichrist as a spirit or attitude rather than a single human being, and now consider his mark as the same type of thing.
Have you spiritually taken his mark, because you have refused to acknowledge that the evils you embraced have nothing to do with God’s Perfect Ways?
Has the spirit of Antichrist already given rise for The Dragon to work in your life?
It is time to do some house cleansing, and invite The Lord back into your lives. It is time to repent and renounce all sins, and place God’s Word back as final authority. The End of Days is upon us, and we cannot afford to be lack in our stand for The Truth.

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