July 2nd, 2016

Old School BBS

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Written by: Gene

Sometimes you have to step back to move forward.

I have been trying to sharpen my mind when it comes to calculations and problem solving, and have been going old school.

Back in the day, before there was an “internet” and “point and click” was a futuristic dream, we used to have Operating Systems that were picture-less. When we wanted to send messages or files, it was done via these things called “Bulletin Boards (BBSs).”

Instead of learning html on notepad to design our pages, we created *.ans screens in ASCII format. Instead of a mouse to click on icons, you <tab>ed your way on the trusty keyboard.

Instead of “Plug-N-play” USB devices, we dealt with address conflicts on a serial bus…

We did this magical thing called reading…

I find that in our “Jane Jetson” age, we no longer read. Instead of dictionaries and encyclopedias to get information, we point and click on virtual comic books with videos and pictures.

There used to be a saying, “read the book, don’t wait for the movie” and the only forum shorthand you knew was RTFM (not lol).

So in order to step back, I have been setting up an old school BBS. Modern technology has allowed this to work on a 35 dollar computer and be accessed via the internet.

It is sort of disorienting to first see no mouse pointer, but you read the selections you want and you type in the answer. It is different to not have to use your browser, but you are telnetting in with a terminal.

If you are interested in checking out The Rebel’s Kingdom BBS to see what I am referring to, telnet into


Play a game of Master Mind, type a One-Liner, explore Files, or send a Message…

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