June 24th, 2016

Alabama Wisdom

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Written by: Gene
Today, as Mary and I had another long day of putting up insulation in our ceiling, she said 4 words that will be one of my life’s mantras.
While I am not surprised that she allowed her Alabama wisdom shine forth, the attitude she shows when adversity arises is really a blessing to me.
She had been struggling to get her end of the insulation straight, and I told her, “don’t stress it, it will be fine…”
It was then that she came forth with “Bess dats gone bee!!!”
Bess dats gone bee!!! That’s right, you do your best and say “bess dats gone bee” and you move on.
Don’t stress that you’re not perfect, just do your best and let God do the rest.
“Bess dats gone bee” is the new motto for me…

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