May 22nd, 2016

The Strong Woman

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Written by: Gene

As I sit here this morning, I can watch Mary sleeping. She needs her sleep, and I respect that.

Yesterday we worked to fix our riding lawn mower, and it took us 3 hours to get it done. She was there by my side helping me, and she wasn’t afraid to bust her knuckles. She is sore this morning (I can see it in her face as she sleeps), but I am glad she is a strong woman.

I see many posts on Facebook by girls who say they want a man who can handle a strong woman. “Handle” Really?

A strong woman doesn’t need to be handled.

A woman isn’t strong because she is covered in tattoos, shaves her head and looks like a dyke. A woman isn’t strong if she is being selfish, that is “strong willed”, but that isn’t being a strong woman.

I see these woman who are off doing their own thing, and they think they don’t need a man (and if they have one, he needs to be raised like their child). That isn’t strong, that is stupid. I have seen women who shoot themselves in the foot because they sabotage their own marriages by refusing¬†to work behind the common good of the family. They think they are doing good when they go against the other parent (yes there should be two parents, and not an extra kid), and yield to the children.

I see my wife, and I am blessed. She gets into the goal of what “we” came together to do. She doesn’t become selfish because she knows how to “handle” herself. I don’t have to reign her in, because I can trust that she is strong enough to do that herself.

When we have a goal, she isn’t concerned about “breaking a nail” or even if she busts a knuckle. She gets in there, and is willing to follow my lead and support me. And that is really it…

Her strength isn’t for herself, it is there for her life partner. I am her husband (I tend to her needs), her spouse (I belong to her, and she to me), her life partner (we made our life goals the same, and nothing gets in the way), and even her gift from God (she remembers that our goals came from God, and she holds His directives very dear).

My desire is to be as strong a man for her, as she is a strong woman for me. I don’t ever want to take her for granted, or blow off her needs. I wan’t to love and support her, like she has done for me.

I want to be the kind husband for her that Jesus is to me, because she is the kind of bride that Jesus wants of us.

Father God, thank You for the gift that is Mary,
Lord Jesus, thank You for being the example of true selfless strength,
Sweet Holy Spirit, I life up my wife to You, and ask her to keep her close to you. Touch her, strengthen her, restore her. Also, help me to be the husband that she needs.



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