March 27th, 2016

Note of Thanks

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Written by: Gene

Sitting here today,
Pondering the day my Lord rose again.
Considering why He died to begin with.
Wondering why He would bother to even show up.
Amazed that it was all for me.

He saw me lost and confused, dead before I lived.
Debt was what I owed, to sin I was a slave.
Love was His motive, life is His to give.
Payment He made one day, when He defeated the grave.

He went back to His home, to make a place for me.
The debt that He paid, to saved the one who sinned.
So when I approach the throne, it will as one who’s free.
When I stand before the Lord, it will be as with a friend.

I do not have to work, to pay my savior back.
I only have to believe, receive His abundant grace.
I renounce my old master, sin only offers lack.
I embrace the Word of God, giving Love His rightful place.

About the Author

A husband to an awesome wife, father to 3 beautiful girls, step-father to a beautiful girl and smart son. Preacher, Designer and best of all a Servant to a loving and gracious God.

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