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March 13th, 2016

3 Gifts

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Written by: Gene

It seems that every square inch of my body has been in pain (in one form or another) over the last couple years. Just as one thing clears up, something steps in to take it’s place. As one thing heals, something else happens out of my control to cause a new wound.

But, I stand on God’s Word. Say what you want, I know It is true and unwavering. I am told in Scripture that Abraham called those things that were not as though they were.

So I do the same. I call myself completely healed. No, I am not in denial, but I am denying this mortal body of mine any say-so in the condition of my health.

I learned a while back that my flesh and its desires are my own worst enemy. My flesh rejoices in the attention it gets from being ill. It would rather die in sickness and sin, than be healthy in the knowledge of The Word of God. I long for the day when this mortal body will be replace with my new glorified one.

Until then I am comforted by the knowledge that my Lord Jesus has me covered. Through His death, burial, and resurrection I have been given 3 undeserving gifts.

The First gift was that when I saw His perfection compared to my imperfection, I repented for the sin I had allowed to enslave me, and asked Jesus to save me from that bondage. Instantly, The Lord raised up my dead spirit and made me new again.

The Second gift was for my mental state (my soul) and my will. The Lord allowed me to keep my free will, because He wants me to daily choose to trust Him. Yes bad things happen because men have free wills, and God allows it because He loves us. What He wants through the second gift is for us to renew our minds with His Word. Through these bad things, we are comforted in knowing that God can still bless us through life’s storms, if we would only stay focused on Him.

The Third gift is for these bodies of sin that we must still live in. Yes my flesh is evil and rebellious, but for our own sakes The Holy Spirit promises to “bring life to our mortal bodies.” I am given the promise that I am healed. Sickness is the falling short of perfect health, and I give no glory to God by embracing sickness over His promises of healing.

Therefore God being true and all else is a lie, when my body tries to embrace sickness, I remind it that God has determined that sickness is a lie and we will have no part of it.

All this comes from nothing that I have done other than acknowledge that God’s ways are perfect and He has nothing but good for me. Nothing that I deserve, but because God is love and He gave me these gifts.

And that is why it is so easy to praise Him through this storm.

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