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March 13th, 2016

I Guess I Am

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Written by: Gene

I think as a believer, intolerance in a necessity at times. As a believer I expect to be called a bigot. My faith is unwavering when it comes to the Word of God, and my doctrine is formed by it.

Some of my most fruitless discussions are with people who call themselves christians, but quote more men than Word of God. To them I have to say that we have no common ground.

I refuse to discuss doctrine with the unbelieving sinner, because all they are is that. All you can do is offer them the simple truth of the Gospel from Scripture. Salvation cannot be obtained outside of scripture, and a person who claims to be a believer but refuses scripture, isn’t a believer in the salvation sense.

I also have to accept that like myself, there are those who guard their hearts. When opposition comes, they are compelled to stand strong. Emotions and personal preferences (pet doctrine based on worldly teachings) can kill a Bible Study. Satan has a basic Bible Discussion Killer Toolkit, and he does the same things every time.

“Prove it to me in The Word…” but even sometimes you need to have a dictionary next to you for a definition of terms. I have seen more arguments start between two people who agree on doctrine, but can’t see it because they say it differently than the other.

Not to mention the one with the doctorate in theology to refuses to speak basic english so that he can feel smarter than the other person when they don’t agree… gag… These are the Letter of The Law people who don’t have a clue about the Spirit behind The Law.

We can’t forget those who see The Law as an oppressive book, rather than the love letter that The Almighty intended it to be.

There comes a point where you just have to lay out the Word, step back, and allow the Holy Spirit to do His part. This applies to the sinner as well as the believer.

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